Online casino in Europe in numbers

We can see a changing environment developing for online gambling in Europe. More countries are getting regulated with Sweden as the latest country on the 1st of January. Betting has been a part of the sports culture for a long time but what does the demand for online casino look like?

There are several ways to estimate demand for something. When one wants to see an online demand the search volumes in search engines are one popular way quantifying it. Since Google, by far, is the largest search engine it’s reasonbly the source to get the numbers closest to reality.

Due to the big differences in volume, the diagram does not clearly visualise the quantities why the ordered list are made below.


Country – Monthly Search Volume

  • Germany – 110 000
  • United Kingdom – 60 500
  • Netherlands – 22 200
  • France – 12 100
  • Italy – 12 100
  • Sweden – 8 100
  • Austria – 8 100
  • Spain – 6 600
  • Poland – 6 600
  • Switzerland – 6 600


The statistics show how many searches are made for the phrase ”online casino” (or relevant translation) in Google on a monthly average. is used as the source for data.

The number of searches does of course not necessarily show a correct picture but is one way of quantifying it. Also, the ones searching for online casino do likely look for a new online casino experience or want general information on the topic. There are obviously big volumes searching for the name of the operators as a navigational search.

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