5 Useful Tips to Increase Sic Bo Profit

Sic Bo is a fast-paced dice game that hails from China. It is found in most physical casinos and virtual online casinos. The main objective is for players to bet on the results of a throw. Unlike Craps, Sic Bo utilizes three dice and a complex game board. The board provides a wealth of betting options. Players can anticipate specific numbers, combinations, the overall total of the dice, or a general bet on the dice total’s range. As with many live casino games of chance, Sic Bo does have strategy players can follow. Here are five useful tips that can enhance anyone’s Sic Bo experience.


1. Bet on Small and Big

The small and big bets in Sic Bo are the best bets to make. Each one focuses on a range of numbers rather than a specific value. Small wagers that the combination of the three dice will be between four and ten. Big wagers that the combination will be between eleven and seventeen. So essentially players have a 50/50 chance that one or the other will come up. This means that the house edge is reduced and players have a wider opportunity to win.

2. Avoid Triples

A triple bet anticipates that all three dice will come up one number. It has a very high payout that makes it very enticing for players. However, the chances of landing a triple are extremely thin. Thin enough that most view betting on a triple as synonymous with throwing money away. Experienced Sic Bo players stay away from triples and only bet them as an additional wager.

3. Don’t Place a Foolish Bet

A glance at the Sic Bo payout table is a great way to mark house edge. The various bets in Sic Bo carry a wide variety of house edge. Some, like big and small bets, reduce house edge. Others, such as the aforementioned triple, are squashed beneath the weight of the house edge. As a higher house edge means less opportunity for winning a good strategy would be to avoid such bets. Sic Bo professionals refer to them as foolish bets. So make sure to view the payout table and go for bets that bear a higher chance of winning.

4. Stay Away from Betting Systems

Betting systems are a common feature of gambling houses. Unfortunately, most of them never really work. Especially, if the game is not suited for a betting system. In the case of Sic Bo there is no system that is proven to reduce house edge 100%. There are certain bets that carry lower house edge but that is about it. As any system encountered cannot guarantee profit it is better to avoid them entirely.

5. Bet On Single Numbers

A single number bet proposes that at least one of the three dice will land on a specific number. These are great best to make as players have essentially three opportunities to win. All it takes is for one of the dice to land on the specific number and a player wins. However, the bet gets better as the profit increases with each number hit. If the number comes up twice or even three times the payout increases exponentially.

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