About 4 Famous Poker Women


If you’ve been alive longer than 15 years, you probably know what poker is and have seen a tournament review on the news where the winner is sitting in front of millions of dollars in cash. Yes, this is real and it does happen, but in order for anyone to win the big bucks in a tournament, they will have had to have played thousands of hands and money that some people could never afford to lose. In every sport there are super players that people look up to and it is no different in the world of poker. For that reason in this article we will be discussing the lives of “Poker Alice” Ivers, Mayme Stocker, Barbara Enright, and Annie Oakley.


“Poker Alice” Ivers: She has it in her name, and she even has a movie made about her. She was originally from England and was brought by her parents to the state of Virginia. She later moved to Colorado where she met her husband who then got her interested in the game of poker. When he died, she began to play poker seriously, so much so that she even ended up opening her own saloon the “Poker Palace”.

Mayme Stocker: When people think of the people who first made the Nevada casino community such a hit, they think of mobsters betting millions of dollars, but in reality, there were other more common people who paved the way. One of which is Mayme Stocker. She is actually the first person to have the first lawful casino license. She was not a huge gambler but will forever be remembered by the gambling community as the first-ever documented gambling license holder in the city of Las Vegas.


Barbara Enright: She is probably the most-known woman poker player because she became known during our generation. She is a professional poker player, edits the Woman Poker Magazine, and is involved in motivational speaking engagements. She’s won three world series of poker bracelets and is the Ambassador of Poker League of Nations. Barbara has plenty of things to be remembered by like being the first woman to make it to the $10,000 main event, and the first woman to win an open event at the world series of poker.

Annie Oakley: It is not completely known whether Annie played poker as an avid player, but one thing is for sure, she was one hell of a sharpshooter. She mostly gained her recognition in the poker world because she would get a card, throw it in the air, and put a bunch of bullets through it.


In conclusion in this article, we discussed the topic of poker and gave a list of five poker women figures. It is hard to know true facts from fiction and so we ask that you do your own research to find out other information we may have not listed about these women.