The Ancient Gods of Gambling Explained

Ah, the casino world. It’s such a big and beautiful place to be in.

Dating ever since the earliest ancient cultures, there is no way that it’s a bad experience for anyone.

You get to have fun, be surrounded by positive and fun people and you can even win a big amount of money.

It’s really a one of a kind experience.

The rush of adrenaline and the thrill would provoke anything from the player.

Praying, believing in superstitions add well as believing in all kinds of supernatural forces in order to win something. 

Like gods and deities, for example. And that, of course, provokes the question: what were some of the most popular ancient gods of gambling?

Check them out!

Thoth – The Egyptian God of Gambling

Everyone is pretty familiar with ancient Egyptian mythology.

But, not many people are familiar with Thoth, the god of gambling.

Except for gambling, he was also the god of writing, wisdom, the moon, and magic.

Maybe that explains why people were praying for him.

There is a really popular legend where Thoth was gambling against the moon. And guess what?

He won!

And some people say that he is the same god as the Greek god of gambling, Hermes. 

Thoth, the Egyptian god of gambling

Hermes – The Greek God of Gambling

Since we have already mentioned, Hermes is known for benign te god’s messenger and is a great trickster as well.

And that why he is also the Greek god of gambling.

In the Greek myths, he was known to tricking and outwitting the other gods all the time.

And because of that, he was punished and banned really often. 

The ancient Greeks were really into gambling.

After all, they had a really good going with maths and strategies.

Even the three main gods, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades split the world into three worlds in a dice game.

Hermes, the greek god of gambling

Gefjon – The Norse Goddess of Luck

In the Scandinavian culture in the past, the virgins were said to bring luck and good fortune.

And the goddess, Gefion was the guardian of purity, luck, and virgins, as well as gambling.

She had four sons and she also created a land named Zealand.

This land was supposed to be a residence for all the girls who died as virgins.

There are many myths like this one in the name of Gefion; everyone loved her.

But the wildest one is the claim that all the Swedish kings are her descendants.


Because she had the power over luck and good fortune.

ststue of gefjon, the nordic goddess of gambling

Today, the Gods don’t make a lot of difference, but in the past, people had a real grip on them and they enjoyed talking and praying to them.

They thought that it would provoke the luck on their side one way or another.

Maybe they were right, maybe they weren’t.

Who knows?