Baccarat Betting System

Baccarat Betting System

Winning in the game of baccarat and blackjack is influenced by a number of factors, and one such defining factor that every player must know is the house edge. In casino gambling, the house edge is a term that’s used to describe the mathematical advantage of the casino over the players as they play over time. A higher house edge means that the players are at a disadvantage.

When playing a casino game like baccarat and blackjack, it’s best to understand the house edge because you ‘can’t win in gambling’. And in baccarat and blackjack, the main theme to understand is that the house edge changes when the cards are played every time. Yes, there’s an advertised house edge but this only refers to the initial composition of the baccarat shoe, but this computed house edge may change throughout the game.

When you play blackjack, the house edge tilts towards the player on roughly 30% of the hands, thus making card counting a recommended strategy to use. But this approach may not work perfectly with baccarat. While there are some complications when card counting is used in baccarat, it doesn’t mean that it cannot work.

For many table game enthusiasts, the common approach is to observe the scoreboards and track the historical results. These are often used as the basis for future bets on the table. In baccarat games, these historical results are often useless since there are no patterns, and past results will not give you the next results. Historical data may be useless but it does not mean that there’s no efficient strategy that can be used. In the game of baccarat, the best odds will always be on either the Banker, Player or a Tie. And knowing which one has the best odds in the game and making the bet on that outcome is considered as the best or most optimal betting strategy.

Is it Really Possible to Know Which Outcome Has the Best Odds for Each Round?

It’s easy to dismiss an optimal wagering strategy wherein a player will know beforehand which wager has the best hands. But thanks to new innovations and developments in technology, new devices and apps are now available that can be used by players to identify which among the Player, Banker or Tie has the best odds in the next round. One tool that you can use is an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store which allows a player to compete for the house edge. To use this app, players must enter the cards as these are dealt on the table.

Before the start of the round, the player must press ‘Compute’ and the app will instantly compute for the exact returns for the bet. If you are interested to check how the app work, simply look for “baccarat card counting” on the search bar of the Google Play Store. In a gaming environment where the use of a phone is allowed, the use of the app can increase the chance of winning. In short, through the use of the latest technologies available online, players can get the counter the house edge and even build an advantage.

To test this betting system, a simple simulation involving 200,000 eight-deck shoes have been performed, with the following details:

  • The cut card is at 14 cards, with burn and cut card rules
  • A ‘Tie’ offers 9 to 1
  • The person will make a bet with the lowest house edge
  • A wager is set at a certain number of units

Through this simple simulation, it resulted to a 0.878% house advantage, with the wager on the Banker as the best wager to make on 75.51% of the hands with a Tie as the worst of three, which is only best on 3.72% of the hands played. And based on this simulation, the player will lose once every 2.15 hands. An improvement in the house advantage to 0.78% is never enough to beat the casino. To improve the standing, the player can incorporate the rolling chip incentive program. What the player can do is to rely on a ‘bet spread’ which means that a player can wager more when the house edge is smaller. To test, a simple simulation involving 150,000 shoes reveal the following critical details:

  • The player will wager one unit is the identified house edge is at least 90%, and puts 10 units if the house edge is less than that
  • The player is not using the rolling chip program

Using this sample simulation, the results are shown below:

  • The player places an average wager of 2.70 units in every hand
  • House advantage is set at 0.38%

With this second simulation, the house edge is now set at 0.38% which is now lower and can easily be addressed through the use of a rolling chip rebate. And if the player gets a 1% rolling chip rebate, the advantage is now pegged at 0.11%. If the player decides on a $10,000 betting unit, he will need to wager $10,000 x 2.70 x 100 = $2,700,000 for every 100 hands. Using a 0.11% house edge, theoretically, the player can get a neat profit of $2,097 for 100 hands.

In short, a player can improve his chances of winning in the game of baccarat if he is guided by an app just like the one discussed here. The results and data that can be generated by the app can help shape your decisions when making your bet on the baccarat table.

Takeaway Points

  • One of the best ways to win in a game of baccarat is to come up with an optimal betting strategy
  • An optimal betting strategy can be made if a player has an understanding of the current odds for the three possible outcomes- Player, Tie and Banker
  • One way to know the odds is to use an app which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store
  • The results generated by the app can be used to make an informed betting decision when playing baccarat

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