Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat Strategy

There are some casino games that are best played using a strategy, and the game of baccarat is a perfect example of this. Having a strategy will give an order to your betting schedules, and it should reduce the level of anxieties when playing in different types of baccarat tables. When it comes to baccarat strategies, you can count on a number of options and most of these are discussed online. These strategies can be overwhelming especially for the first-time players but if you need to choose only the best, choose the one that’s easy to understand, logical and will offer you the best chance to lower the house edge. Here’s a quick look at the most popular and effective baccarat strategies that you can use.

One-Sided Baccarat Strategy

There are three possible outcomes or bets that can be made on the game of baccarat- the Banker, Player or the Tie. In the one-sided baccarat playing strategy, you will need to focus only on one bet, a Banker or the Player. This may seem simplistic, but following this approach has a logical basis and can also work in the long run. If this strategy is played the right way, you can easily gain an advantage after the completion of 2 baccarat shoes. Based on some tests and simulations, your odds of getting into a winning position during 1 out of 2 baccarat shoes is 3:1, and the odds that your bankroll will break-even is estimated at 4:1. The principle behind this betting strategy is simple. Over a long-term, the Banker and Player will certainly gain a small amount of advantage. And based on estimates, this is realized in 8 of 10 baccarat shoes played.

Here’s an example on how you can play the one-sided baccarat strategy

Start the bet as soon as a new baccarat shoe is opened. If you lose on your first bet, make sure to stand your ground and this can be done by a stop loss. Make sure that you don’t incur 3 successive losses. If you lost 3 times on the table, then stop making bets. Wait for that time that your chosen bet or side happens again. You need to set an objective in every baccarat shoe, like earning at least 5 unit wins. If you are facing a losing streak, don’t test your limits. If you have a decent winnings with you, take a break and enjoy what you have earned. If you are putting your money on the Banker’s Hand, keep in mind that you need to cover the commission, often pegged at 5%.

Here are a few reminders to keep in mind when putting your money on the Banker’s Hand. The average player will bet on 2 to 3 baccarat shoes daily. It doesn’t mean that most of these shoes will favor the Banker. There are instances where the Player is dominated too. In short, the results or outcomes can be at random too. Yes, the Banker will edge out the player over the long term. But you need to remember that a bet on the Banker comes with a hefty 5% commission if it wins. As a matter of policy, it would be best to stop the game if you suffer 3 successive losses.

Trend Switch Strategy

There are four basic baccarat trends that can happen including the Zigzag Zone and the Streaky Banker/Player. In this trend switch strategy for baccarat, you will need to switch from the first trend (Zigzag Zone) to the second trend (Streaky Banker/Player). To follow this strategy, you will need to start flat betting and just follow the guidelines for Zigzag Zone and the Streaky Banker/Player. This means that if you suffered two consecutive losses on a trend, it’s recommended that you instantly jump to the next trend without having a need to stop or wait for a trigger. As an example, if you lost two times following the Zigzag Zone, then you need to put your money immediately on the Streaky Banker/Player.

Break the Doubles Strategy

This is one of the most popular strategies for baccarat used by enthusiasts online. In fact, you can a number of personal gaming blogs that fully explain the strategy. Is this an effective strategy to use when playing baccarat and can it address the standard house edge? Since 90% of the outcomes are defined by the zigzag patterns and a combination of Player and Banker and zigzagged streaks, then it’s possible. Before we can move on the specifics of the doubles strategy, you need to know first the following information:

  • Majority of the baccarat shoes will show double outcomes like BB PP or zigzagged outcomes, like B/P
  • The Banker and the Player streaks will happen in clusters. These outcomes can repeat over and over again

Here’s a quick look at how his strategy plays out

  • When you want to try this strategy, then you should always bet on the opposite. You should follow the zigzag pattern and stick with it. Example: P B P B P B P B P B
  • You can set a target, preferably at least 5 units win. If you fail and you met a double, you need to adjust your betting strategy.

If you lose the Double Down for the first time, like the 4th Player from the left, the Player that formed the Double Bank is considered the losing result. Here, you are advised to double down the wager once. The 5th Banker wins here, thus the double is broken. The rules should be repeated until such time that the objective has been reached. In this specific strategy, the stop loss limit for each baccarat shoe is 9-. If in case you will encounter streaks for the Players or the Bankers, then you are faced with two options:

  • If you lose a double down and it breaks the double break, you need to stop. If you lose with the Banker, you need to bet on the Player
  • You can end the game and exit the shoe. This is highly recommended if you are halfway through the shoe and you are not yet making a profit. But if you noticed that the shoe leans towards Banker/Player streaks during the first half, then there’s a big chance that it can turn into the Zigzag Zone.

Watch Out for the Trains

This strategy by far is the most basic, and one that should be played out by beginners who want to make their lives more comfortable. In the game of baccarat, a train is a trend that keeps of showing and giving. The game of baccarat will offer three possible outcomes- the Player, Banker and a Tie. When playing the game, you can expect a Player’s Hand to win, a Banker’s Hand or a Tie. A ‘train’ will happen if a certain outcome keeps on coming out thus rewarding the players. If you noticed that the Banker keeps on winning, then there’s a train, and some experienced players recommend putting your money on this outcome.

Takeaway Points:

  • Baccarat is one of the easiest table games to play but an understanding of some of the basic strategies is required to improve the chances
  • One popular strategy that can be adopted is the one-sided baccarat strategy. In this strategy, you will need to bet on one outcome, a Player or a Banker
  • Although the Banker’s Hand offers a better chance in the long term, the winning players will need to worry about the 5% commission
  • Another popular baccarat strategy is the trend switch strategy. This requires an understanding of the trends, and if one trend ends, you need to put your money on the opposite trend

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