Baccarat Tips

Baccarat Tips

For years, the game of baccarat has cultivated that air of sophistication and exclusivity. The movies involving James Bond’s exploits do not help either as it even helped build the branding of the table game as one of the most elegant games to play. And since the game assumed an air of sophistication, many players think that the game is difficult to play. Yes, the game of baccarat may be played in ritzy locations and venues, but it does not mean that you cannot play this game in a comfortable manner. If you are new to the game and you want to increase your odds of winning the top prize, then we suggest that you consider the following tips explained below.

Baccarat Tip No. 1- Forget About the Tie

There are three outcomes or bets that can be made on the baccarat table- you can bet on the Player, the Banker and a Tie. Of these, two outcomes or bets feature a low house edge that can work in your favor. The Bank features a 1.06% house edge, and the Player’s hand boasts a 1.24% house edge. This means that you may lose 1.06 units for every 100 units played on the Bank’s Hand. And if you play the Player side, you can expect to lose 1.24 wagering units for every 100 units played. Now, let’s talk about the Tie bet. Did you know that the house edge for the Tie is calculated at 14.4%? So if you play 100 betting units in a day, you should expect losses of roughly 14.4 units. If you want to improve your chances of winning in the game of baccarat, then we recommend that you omit the Tie.

Baccarat Tip No. 2- Bet on the Banker

If we will omit the the bet on the Tie, then where should you put your money? If you are making your first trip to the baccarat table, then the first and most important bet that you should make should be on the Banker. The Banker gets the job done, and it will win slightly over 50% of the time. Now to offset this, the winning player is expected to pay a 5% commission.

Baccarat Tip No. 3- Stick with the Banker Until it Fails You

Experienced players know the value of trends and streaks. If you notice that the Banker goes on a streak (or the Banker outcome keeps on coming out), then it’s best to stick it out with this option. But keep in mind that a streak will continue indefinitely. At some point, it will end. To prepare for this scenario, you may want to manage and control your betting amounts.

Baccarat Tip No. 4- Wait for One More Outcome After Losing with the Banker

If there’s a Banker’s streak and it suddenly stops, the common response is to bet on the Player. To increase your odds of winning, you need to wait one more decision or outcome before making a different bet.

Baccarat Tip No. 5- A Tie Does Not Count

It’s best to view the ties as simply a ‘pause’ in the action, or an intermission in the sequence of Banker and Player outcomes. If you are faced with a Banker, Banker and a Tie, make sure to ignore the Tie. Your bet should always be on the player.

Baccarat Tip No. 6- Follow the Player Until it Fails You

Here’s one scenario that should make you rethink your strategy. If the Banker wins over the Player, don’t wait for another outcome to make a betting decision. As soon as the Player loses to the Banker, put your money on the Banker’s hand. And if in case it loses, see Tip No. 3.

Baccarat Tip No. 7- Be Careful with Your Mini-Baccarat

The mini-baccarat table may be small and allows minimal bets but it also comes with a number of disadvantages. There are two critical differences between the common baccarat game and the mini-baccarat. First, it’s the dealer that deals the cards. And two, mini-baccarat offers a faster version of the game. On average, players may face up to 200 decisions every hour. The bets are low here, but if you are faced with 200 decisions an hour, then the damage can be painful if it’s not your day. If you are going to play the mini-baccarat, then you should focus on the Banker bets until it loses.

Baccarat Tip No. 8- Be Wise When it Comes to Money Management

This rule is essentially true for almost all types of casino games, baccarat included. If you are facing a losing streak, it’s best that you stop your play and take a breather. There are different ways on how to relax and take your mind off the baccarat table. For example, you can take a short walk or talk to your friend. Also, if you have won a decent amount, consider leaving the table. It’s better to end the night with a small amount of winnings than losing it all.

Takeaway Points

  • The game of baccarat may seem elegant and sophisticated but it’s actually fun and simple to play
  • One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning a game of baccarat is to learn and memorize a few tips
  • One of the most popular tips is to go with the Banker’s Hand and to ignore the Tie. The Banker offers a house edge of 1.06% while a Tie features a house edge of 14.4%

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