The Paroli Strategy

The Paroli Strategy

Most of the roulette strategies employed by players focus on the winning streaks instead of recovering the losses. This is exactly what one can expect from the popular Martingale and Fibonacci strategies which work for casual and risk-averse players. But there’s another strategy that takes a bold and interesting approach towards winning roulette- the Paroli Strategy.

What Every Player Should Know About the Paroli Strategy?

According to many sources, the strategy is attributed to one person named ‘Paroli’, and this was first used during the 17th century. Initially, this was first used on a card game called ‘Basset’ which was popular in Italy. The strategy is based on the principle that losses and winnings always come in streaks. This means that there will be times when the casino table is ‘hot’ which is generous in giving out winnings, and at times the wins are rare, ‘cold’. In the Paroli Strategy, you simply wager more money when the table is on a hot streak and limit the bets when it’s cold.

Here’s How You Can Play the Paroli

It’s one of the simplest strategies to adopt in a roulette strategy and requires putting the money on bet alternatives like odd/even and red/black. To start, you first need to identify the base stake that you want to play with. If you are always losing at the roulette table, your succeeding bet should be equal to your preferred base stake.

But if you managed to win the game, the strategy calls for doubling of your stake up to some point that you will have to revert back to your original and base stake even if you are still on a winning streak. That moment when you revert back to your base wager ultimately depends on the preference of the player.

Here’s a basic example to better understand the Paroli for roulette. Say for example you have decided on 1 betting unit as your base stake. If you play this bet and lost, the next wager should double the initial bet (2 betting units). If on the next play you win again, the Paroli system suggests that you need to double the bet again (4 betting units).

In the example above, how will you determine that it’s time to stop and revert back to the base stake even if you are still winning? If you have successfully doubled your wager two times, then that’s a good time to stop and revert back to 1 betting unit. Of course, the Paroli system is highly flexible, and you can always increase your bets even if you have doubled the stake more than twice.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Paroli System for Roulette?

With the Paroli system, your bankroll is actually protected from dangerous losing streaks. Here, players will not place a wager that’s higher than 4 times the preferred base stake. In short, players will not risk money just to cut and recover the losses. The problem with this strategy is that when you double the stake, there’s also the risk that the winning streak will be broken. Players cannot expect higher winnings when playing the Paroli system for roulette.

Takeaway Points:

  • The Paroli Strategy is a popular betting approach used when playing roulette
  • This betting system is known as a reversed Martingale, where players are focused on winning streaks instead of simply chasing the losses
  • This approach is based on a principle that roulette tables have hot and cold streaks. Players need to bet more on hot tables and limit the wagers on tables that don’t pay out much at the moment
  • In the Paroli, players must identify first a base stake and use it to play the first game. When the players lose, they must bet the base stake and when they win, the last stake should be doubled

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