Texas Hold’em

When you play Texas Holdem with real money

No matter your techniques, stratagems, or hoodwinks, it’s imperative to remain responsible while gambling. The following rules of thumb seek to encourage sensible gambling: establishing a budget, setting a winning target after cashing out and saying no to alcohol. The latter is perhaps the most important.

When you overindulge in alcohol, your senses suffer. With that said, it’s best to stay sober throughout the game. What’s more, creating a budget will keep you honest and helps avoid overspending. Lastly, having a goal in mind ensures that you have something to play for. As a result, you play responsibly in pursuit of your prize.

What is Texas Hold’em?

Thanks to its exciting gameplay, Texas Hold’em lends itself very well to the television show, making it widely spread. The game has become the most popular poker variant in recent years and all poker enthusiasts love to play it across a variety of online platforms.

Texas Hold’em poker can be played in the classic version, through the CGA software, or in the LIVE version. Sophisticated systems allow you to play with real croupiers, live from a real casino via a webcam. You can watch the croupier distribute the cards and wait for the player’s bets, making the game even more exhilarating.

Basic Rules of Texas Hold’em

2 cards are dealt face down to each player, and 5 cards are placed on the table. There are 3 allocations, including the “flop”, 1 each for the ‘river’ and “turn”. The goal is to achieve a premium 5-card collective with the 2 initial and 5 shared cards.

If you feel that your hand is powerful you can fold, call or raise, which occurs across 4 turns of betting play. The player with a premium card hand wins after the rounds are completed. The ability to use your ‘poker face’ comes in handy, as it convinces others to forfeit their stake to the pot.

Basic Strategy of Texas Hold’em

Entire encyclopaedias have been written over the years on how to win this game. To become a real professional, you have to study a lot and become familiar with the calculation of odds, and above all, know the importance of the position that is occupied at the table in each hand.

Some tips for beginners, aside from buying a good book, include:

  • Start at tables with low stakes, avoiding those frequented by sharks.
  • Create a comfortable and distraction-free environment at home.
  • Be very patient in waiting for the right cards to play with and do not get caught up in emotions, especially after a lost hand.
Live Texas Hold'em UK

History of Texas Hold’em

While poker history dates back five hundred years, Texas Hold’em is practically a “newborn” as it only appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. The home of this poker variant is considered Texas, although its popularity soared after its appearance in Las Vegas in the sixties.  

In 1970, Texas Hold’em was included in the famous World Series of Poker program. At the beginning of the eighties, it conquered the European casinos, and since then has become the king of poker. Today, thanks to the internet, millions of players from every corner of the planet compete every day.

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