Texas Holdem Odds

20 Texas Holdem Odds

So you want to win in the game of poker? If yes, then you should know about the odds. Listed below are some poker odds and information that can help increase your chances at the poker table the next time you play.

  1. Getting started with premium hands

Did you know that you have a 2.1% chance of collecting a top starting hand, with picture pairs, double aces or A-K suited? If you managed to get these, keep it and play strong.

  1. Going for a Flush

If you are just one card short of the full flush (flush draw), it gives you a 34.97% percent of making your hand.

  1. Be careful with the suited cards

So you have two suited cards. Don’t automatically play the pair since it will only boost your hand by 2.5%.

  1. Find the pairs

You have a 32.43% chance of finding a pair for your hole cards on the flop.

  1. Three-of-a-kind

If you have collected a pair, the chance of hitting a three-of-a-kind is 7.5/1. So you have to play your small pairs the right way, and if the price is right.

  1. Inside straight

This is not a recommended reason for drawing, with the river and turn expected to come soon.

  1. Over-pair

If two pairs are going for the win, the bigger pair has an 80% chance of making it. If your hand features queens and noticed that a bet had been raised and re-raised, there’s a big chance that the other player has kings, aces or both. This is one signal that it’s time to fold.

  1. Collecting perfect cards

You have a very slim chance of collecting perfect cards. If your hand requires two exact cards on the turn and river, you are only given a 0.03% chance. If you have one, the chance of collecting the other is only 4.55%.

  1. Hitting the board

You can increase your chance of collecting a pair grows by half by the river.

  1. Straight ahead

If you manage to flop an open-ended straight draw in the game of poker, it will offer eight possible cards that can round off the hand. This means that you will hit your hand by the river 31.5% every time. We suggest that you are getting pot hands for you to view the next card.

  1. Race of the cards

A showdown between a pair and two overcards is known as the race or the coin-flip because each combination has a 50% chance of winning every time. Now, if the overcards of the player are suited, the pair will have a 46% to 54% chance, but if not, the chance of winning moves up a notch to 48% to 57% most of the time.

  1. Notes on kicker

If the top card of your hand matches that of the other player, but you have a small kicker, then you are only given a 24% chance of winning. For example, if you have a queen that goes up against a king or ace, then your chance is roughl1 in 4.

  1. Suited connectors

Most players will prefer the middle-suited connectors as being better compared to the aces because these can give you more chances of collecting straight and flush. But if you are holding the aces, don’t worry. Keep in mind that the over-pair is a big favourite over suited connectors by approximately 80% of the time.

  1. Pocket pair

You will be dealt with a pocket pair once every 17 hands.

  1. Flush up

You should always fold low hands. Even if your hand is suited, your chance of flopping the flush is pegged at 0.8%.

  1. Flopping two-pair

You have a very slim chance of flopping a two-pair from non-paired hole cards. This should only give you a 2% chance.

  1. Full house

If you managed to collect two pairs on the flop, you are given a 16.74% chance of making a full house.

  1. Another full house

But if you managed to flop the three-of-a-kind, you now have a 33.4% chance of getting the full house or better by the river.

  1. Live cards

So you took the risk with random cards to take the blinds and were called by an A-K. Still, the random lower cards are given a 35% chance of winning in these instances.

  1. On pocket jacks

Be careful with the pocket jacks when playing Texas Hold’em Poker. These cards may be great to look at, but your chances of getting a higher card on the flop are only 52%. This translates to a half chance of surviving the game.

Takeaway Points:

  • As a poker player, you also need to pay attention to the odds on the table.
  • The odds can help you make informed decisions on your actions and betting decisions.
  • An understanding of the odds on the table will put you in a better position.

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