What is Live Roulette Online?

Undoubtedly, nothing can replace the thrill, transparency, and satisfaction that come with live roulette. However, there is something that comes close – live roulette online. So forget what you might have heard, here are some juicy details to help you get started in no time.
For starters, punters get to place bets seamlessly through the system beforehand. And in case you have any questions about the game, text them, they'll reply through the live HD feed in due time. If there is one word to describe this merger between technology and casinos, it would be ingenious.
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The Roulette wheel

When roulette enters the conversation, the wheel is never too far behind. It takes center stage and separates the losers from the winners. For a plethora of reasons, there are two different types of roulette wheels. One has 37 slots and the other 38, but all numbers sum up to 666 – weird, right?
Typically, the numbers have red and black colors interchangeably, and one or two green slots for zero and double zero. This setting sits on two carefully placed bearings which facilitate the seamless rotation and also determine the wheel's efficiency. Then there is a small roulette ball that completes the set.
Live Roulette UK
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About American Roulette

Punters in the US swear by the American roulette while those in Europe tend to avoid it. That begs the question: Why? First, it comes with two green slots (0, 00), making it relatively hard to secure hits. But that has not stopped players across the US from loving, and play it regularly.
Unlike other casino games, making a hit on the American roulette is purely based on chance. No tricks and strategies ever work, unless a keen player notices a biased wheel. But here, betting is similar to the other roulette games. So if you can play one, the American roulette shouldn't be a problem.

About European Roulette

The main difference between the European roulette and the American one is the number of zero slots on the cone. The European version has one zero, and according to punters, that slightly reduces the house's edge. For that reason, punters across the globe prefer this version – with most of them coming from Europe.
Honestly, only a few casinos don't have a European roulette wheel – merely because it is profitable (to the house) and excites punters as well. So if you are wondering which roulette wheel is better between the two, go for the European version. That way, the casino will have a mere 2.63% edge over you.

Play Roulette in the UK

So, how and where can you play roulette in the UK? The answer depends on your preference. There are brick and motor options, online casinos and a combination of the two (live roulette online). For best results, find user reviews in online forums and search engines for recommendations.
But if you are entirely new to the game, hunt for free spins first. They will give you a rough idea of what to expect from the game and also build your confidence along the way. From there, you can make the first deposit and see what happens. Good luck!

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