Lucky Colors in the Blackjack Culture

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Lucky Colors in the Blackjack Culture

Just like with any other culture out there, there are colors that mean a lot to some people who regularly visit a casino.

These colors can represent a belief, a sense of control, and a path for a lot of gamblers who try their luck within a casino on a daily basis.

So what do the lucky colors in the Blackjack Culture Mean?


Red Lucky Colors

For a person deep into gambling, red is the classic and reliable color which comes from Chinese tradition.

IT symbolizes prosperity and wealth, which symbolizes bigger winnings and a more comfortable life overall.

In some cases it is perceived just as a smooth sailing process of living, not immense wealth in any way, so if you want a stable color, red is your choice.


Green Lucky Colors

As you have probably heard stories from Irish Folklore, the color green has transition towards American tradition over time and symbolizes luck.

It provides luck in every single situation out there.

In the casino industry, it works because it is also the color of money, cash is green.


Gold Lucky Colors

The color gold symbolizes wealth, as it is the color of actual gold.

Gold wealth has a lot more meaning to a lot of people than just cash wealth, as gold wealth holds a lot more value over time.

It has an alternative meaning of Fool’s Gold, which implies that a person is wearing fake gold, which looks cheap and can be noticeable that it is not legitimate gold, which makes them look like a fool.


White Lucky Colors

Known as the symbol of the pure, it has a meaning that symbolizes perfection.

White is the embracement of making no mistakes, where nothing goes wrong within a game.

It can also mean purity, honesty, integrity and goodness.

This is an excellent color for people who have chosen the right path.

Cultures do change and evolve over time, and there might be a lot more colors on the rise with meaning, or just different takes and legends that are talked about when these colors are mentioned, but at the end of the day, every person has a lucky number, and every person has a lucky color.

This could be the color that you have selected at random, multiple times, and for you personally it has brought wealth.

As such you are bound to view it with a higher level of respect and authenticity than a color that has made you lose.

This is a psychological effect that colors have on people, and as such, over time people have created legends and myths about these colors that exemplifies their meaning to the player.

You will also find similar colors floating around in a lot of different casino games due to this reason.