Oreels Live Casino

Review of Oreels Online Casino

Oreels is a casino that has focused on slot machines, and they have put together a site that allows people to go from the parlour and table games to the games in the live rooms and the slot machine rooms. This site is a lot of fun because it allows people to play something that makes them truly comfortable, and they can make a lot of money from these games because they will find something they are comfortable with.


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  • 2017


Deposit Bonus

  • 1st Deposit: 100% up to

Live Games At Oreels Casino

Live games through Oreels are hosted on camera where the dealer welcomes everyone to the table to play for the rest of the night. They have both poker and blackjack tables, and they have tables of varying ability levels. Someone who wants to play these games as if they are in the casino playing live. They can meet the players and learn the dealers so they know which room they would like to visit every day.

Mobile Gaming Through Oreels Casino

Mobile gaming happens on their optimized site that was set up for that players could come in at any time, and they get the same experience that they would have gotten on a regular desktop computer. The customers are shown how they can save money, and they are taught how simple it is to have the games going on their phones or tablets. The players can use their touchscreens as if they are playing games that they got on their phones, and they can win more money because of how deft they are at using the touchscreen.

Bonuses At Oreels Casino

The players get a 100% bonus up to $200 when they come to Oreels, and there can get free spins through promotions for their favourite slot machines. They are given real money that they can work with, and they can check for the seasonal sales anytime something comes up. The players that check the site every day have a much better chance of winning money because they can use the site at any time to grab a promotion and turn those bonuses into earnings.

Banking For Oreels Casino

Banking at the site is done through the secure server, and the player can see the https prefix on the top of the screen when they visit. They can use all their banking information with ease because they do not need to be afraid if they are going to lose that information. They get a receipt for all their transactions, and they can read a list of their transactions that will tell them how much money they have spent on each game.

Customer Support

Customer support is available over the phone, on email, or through the live chat window. A live chat window is a good place for most people to start because they can start a conversation while they are still playing a game. The player who wants to get an answer to their question can send an email on the email contact page.

There are a lot of people who will prefer to call or send an email to be sure that they can have a long conversation about their account. Players always get the information that they need, and they will find that they can resolve anything up to a glitch or fair play question.

Alternative Languages: English