PokerStars Live Casino

Review of PokerStars Online Casino

PokerStars is the most popular poker website online, and there are a lot of people who will come there to actually learn the art of playing poker. This casino was founded because it wanted to be the place where the best players would come to learn, and it also hosts a lot of information from professionals who are the best in the world. There are many players who can learn in this casino, and they can make friends while they are playing these games.

Live Dealer Games At PokerStars

The live dealer games at PokerStars are very interesting because the players can come to the site and find a room that suits them. The purpose of being at the PokerStars site is to get into a room with people of the same ability level, and it has become a place that people will go when they want to progress. PokerStars uses Evolution Gaming software, and they offer every style of poker from stud poker to Texas Hold ‘Em and five card.

Pokerstars live casino

Mobile Play At PokerStars

Mobile Play at PokerStars can happen on the app or on the mobile site. The players will find that they can come to play any of the games in any place that they would like. This is a very important part of the way that people can learn to play poker, and there are many people that are trying to make the right choices based on what they have read on this site. The mobile play that people get might be better than being on a desktop computer, and that is why they need to be sure that they have found a mobile platform that lets them play on the road.

Bonuses At PokerStars

Bonuses on PokerStars include a matched bonus of 100% for the first deposit. The players will have a lot of money left in the account that they can use to play these games, and they will be intrigued by the way that they can use these bonuses. The bonuses are perfect for people to use when they want to learn how to play, and this is much like having a free play that players will truly enjoy. The players learn the game of poker, and they are not putting up so much of their own money to play.


Banking on the site is easy because the players will have access to their account at any time, and they can even add money to their account while they are playing another game. The players can withdraw their money without any waiting periods, and the player will find that they have complete control over their money. The company has a customer care option where people can ask questions, and the site allows players to add as much money as they want using as many different forms of payment as they like.

Customer Care

Customer care is something that this company has been committed to, and they have made it simple for people to reach them. The site helps people learn about the issues they have with their accounts, or they could have a chat with the site on the live chat window. The players can send in emails when they have questions, or they can send their fair play complaints after they notice glitches.