Play ‘n GO Games: Super Wheel

If you love live casino games, you should be interested in the new games at Play ‘n GO, including Super Wheel. Here’s some information about the platform and game.


Super Wheel Overview

This game from Play N’ GO is played by putting chips wherever you want on the virtual wheel. You have the option to be on one number at a time, or you can bet on 3 for a 3:1 chance, 5 for a 5:1 chance and so on through 11 to 1 and 23 to 1. Each number of odds has the corresponding amount of numbers on the wheel based on the odds. It’s also possible to bet on the illustrated symbols. If the wheel lands on one of these symbols, you get an absolutely huge payout. The symbols pay 47 to 1! That’s one way to really increase your money and fast.

Many people consider the game to be quite exciting due to the fact that suspense really builds up as the wheel slows down on its way to selecting one of 52 different parts. The game is available on mobile if you want, and it has many supported browsers as well such as chrome, firefox, Internet Explorer, and so on. You can play it on PC, laptop, tablet and mobile, and the supported operating systems include Apple, Windows, Linux and more. There are also quite a few languages that give support for the game as well.

When you hit the play game button to try out the demo, there’s a load screen and some instructions on playing. The demo gives you 25,000 chips to play with, and you just spin and spin to your heart’s content. In the real game, it will be a similar layout. You can share the demo with many platforms right from the site if you want to show your friends and family as well, for example. You can show it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Wheel Features

It takes a little getting used to the wheel since it’s not just 52 numbers. Instead, you’ll see the number “1” on the wheel many times, because this constitutes a 1:1 bet, in other words, half of all the numbers on the board are 1’s! So, you have a fifty/fifty chance of getting a 1. The next number is a 3, which is a 3 to 1 bet, so a third of all the numbers is a 3. The same applies to the green 5, which is a 5:1 bet, and constitutes 1/5th of all numbers on the board.

Play’n GO

This site makes award-winning games for the world to enjoy. The games are usually different types of slot games that help draw the passions of people who like gambling games and like stories and good graphics. They have engaging slot games like Sword and the Grail, that has all its character and style that’s instantly recognizable. This game has a 5-reel slot where you match three symbols with 20 pay lines.

The site has won awards like a nomination for the EGR Italy awards for 2019, for example.

Overall, Play ‘n GO games have a lot going for them. They are definitely worth a try if you like unique slot games that have some pop. Super Wheel is one of their best, but it’s not their only game. Players could find some interesting games worth their time if they just look around the repertoire of games from this site a bit.