What Are Some of the Best Blackjack Strategies?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games at the moment.

Even though it’s not everyone’s favorite, many people are actually in love with it and would do just about anything to win their rounds.

And that is why the blackjack players are all open when it comes to using new techniques and strategies in their rounds.

Ther area many pf them all across the internet, and the advanced players who have already tried them have certain opinions about them.

Some of them are bad, and others are just amazing.

And today, we are here for the good ones.

These are the ones that can acutely help you win the next blackjack round!

Double Down On a Hard 11

a blackjack table with poker cards and chips all over it

This is the most popular out of all of them, and here is why.

When you double down on an 11, and you do it the hard way.

The chances of winning can be pretty high.

And this is against the dealer’s upcard.

But, keep in mind that this isn’t valid if you are playing a game with multiple decks where the dealer has to stand on a soft 17.

Of course, this is usually said beforehand.

But even if it isn’t, you should keep it in mind.

Never Split 5 or 10

You should never split the 10 that you have.


This is especially important because many people split it in order to have two hands (they think that the more is merrier) but in blackjack, that’s not the case.

You are in an advantage only if you draw a 10 and not split it.

Double Down on 10 When facing a Dealer with an upcard of 9 or less

A two-card 10 means that the advantage is in your hands.

So, if you are against a dealer with upward 9, you should definitely double down.

At any chance that you get. 

a blackjack table with poker cards and chips on it

Surrender a hard 16 when facing a  dealer with 9,10 or ace upcard, and hard 15 when facing a dealer’s 10 upcard

Do you want to save your money and not make the situation any worse?

Then, surrender the minute you get a 15 or 16 hand.

They are the worst hand that you could ever get (in a blackjack round). 

So, save yourself, your pocket, and get off the table for good. 

In the pile of what seems like infinite opportunities and techniques that can really help you with the blackjack rounds.

These are the best out of all of them.

These are very powerful tips that even though may seem like they are nothing, can actually help you in the long run.

So the next time you play blackjack, make sure that your eyes are wide open and observant.