The Best Female Poker Players

The gambling has been with us more than you know.

Its a really fun and popular activity nowadays.

As time passes, we see more and more successful poker players.

We also see the casino culture rising like no other.

Today is about equality and peace, and that’s what the casino rooms are trying to achieve as well.

That’s why there are many female casino players who are as good as the male ones.

Gone are the days when this hobby was ‘for guys only’.

So, who are the most famous poker players?

Girl poker players? Read on to find out!

Liv Boeree (UK) – $3.57 million

Except for her beauty and magnificence, the famous Liv Boeree is popular for her way around the poker cards.

She is a great risk taker and it is always a pleasure to work with her.

At least according to her colleagues.

This poker star was taught how to play by the famous legends like Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth.

It’s no wonder that she is that good.

Liv is the only one who has both a WSOP bracelet and an EPT championship.

liv boeree

Annie Duke (USA) – $4.27 million

Annie Duke is by far the most popular female poker player.

Even though she is not the richest, her attitude will certainly leave you hanging and wondering.

Commonly known as ‘the Duchess of Poker’, Annie has her way around the chips and the poker table.

Poker runs in her blood, maybe that’s why she is so good.

She has won multiple championships won, and each one of them has a special place.

She is worth it and she deserves them as well.

Even though she is rude and a savage, the fact that she will blow your mind with her games is undeniable. 

annie duke

Kathy Liebert (USA)—$6.17 million

Even though she is pretty private as a person, the fact that Kathy Liebert is even better than the Duchess is undeniable.

She doesn’t love the publicity as much and she doesn’t enjoy the attention that is on her all the time.

Kathy Liebert, when it comes to poker, has many championships and titles.

And all of them have brought her an amazing amount of money.

Another American on our hands and she never disappoints. 

kathy liebert

Vanessa Selbst (USA)—$11.85 million

We have made it to the top of the list, and the famous Ameican Vanessa Selbst is on here.

She has been called ‘the best poker women in the world’, and she only is 33 years old.

Her ranks are amazing, and you can’t deny that she absolutely rules the poker world.

She even has a J.D. from Yale.

How amazing is she really?

vanessa selbst

The women are certainly taking big on the poker world.

Who knows what else will the future bring us.

So far, these women are the elite of the poker and we love it!