Unsure of what to do when playing at a live casino – Some Tips!

Online casinos are making players feel as much a part of a brick and mortar casino that they go the extra measure to ensure authenticity. In recent years, online casinos have added real live dealer casino to their long list of features. At live casinos, the dealers are real, and players can interact with them as if they were in a land casino. Players have the opportunity to talk with the dealers, other players as they observe other player strategic techniques. Sitting at a table and playing with live dealers is somewhat different than playing the regular slots games. A certain type of etiquette should be observed.


If you are unsure of what to do or expect when playing at a live casino table game, some tips on the rule of thumb may be helpful. All players want to be treated with respect, especially from other players. The live dealers are there to facilitate the game, not to be spoken to harshly, or disrespectfully. Live casinos were designed to add flavor and finesse to the casino experience, and also to be played by those who genuinely like the companionship of other players.

Some tips for playing in the live casino rooms include:

  • Knowing the rules of the game. Nothing is more distracting than to ask questions at a table game when everyone is trying to focus. If a player is unsure about a table game’s rules, they should continue to play the slots games, or learn the table game before playing.
  • Find a table that fits your budget. Tables have minimum and maximum betting. It is not good to sit at a table if the bets are too high for your budget.
  • Control drinking, and not drink too much. It is alright to have a drink or two, but excessive drinking can cause a player to become belligerent to the dealers and other players, and they may miss bets.
  • A final general rule is to be nice to everyone. The dealers are there to ensure players have a good time. Be as nice to them as they are to the players, and the game should go smoothly.

Playing live casino table games is close to a land casino as real can get. Most online casinos offer this luxury to their players as an additional action-packed adventure. Players enjoy talking with the dealers, and it is even alright to laugh and tell jokes. Some players find that a little distraction only increases their gameplay. Know the rules of the game as well as those of the casino. Table games like Blackjack,Roulette, Poker, Texas Hold’em, and many others take some type of strategy. This is a learned factor that takes concentration, and a little know how. Know the game before sitting down, or else the objective will be to lose big. Players want to go to the tables with a winning attitude. Be friendly with the dealer. Players should thank the dealer when they sit down at the table to play, and when they get up to leave. Be cordial to the dealers for they are the face of the casino that the player chooses.