3-Hand Casino Hold’em from Play’n GO

3-Hand Casino Hold’em from Play’n GO is a table poker game but it has a few innovative features. The objective is to have a better hand than the dealers. It is played with one deck but three hands. This means players get to have more fun and have three chances to win. It gives a better idea of the odds of completing any of the three hands.


In this version, you can win on the Ante bet or on the AA bonus side bet. To start playing, you need to place an Ante bet on one, two or all three hands. You can also place an additional AA bonus bet. Aftery make your bets, two cards are dealt face-up for each of your hands, along with the dealers two cards which are dealt face down. Three community cards are then dealt face up on the table. You can use any of these cards to combine a hand and form a pair or better. If you win on the AA bonus bet, you get paid immediately. Afterward, you will have to decide whether to call or fold on each of your hands. The dealer then deals the final two community cards face up and will reveal his hidden cards.

You want to choose the best five-card poker hand using the five-community cards and the two-card pairs you have. If any of your hands are equal or stronger than the dealers, you will either have your bets returned (if equal) or you will win.

Graphics and Sound

The setting is on a classic poker table with green felt on the surface of the table. It is an old-school design. You will also see all the chips stacked in lines and the card deck is placed on the top right corner. In the background, you’ll hear jazz music, and every once in awhile the dealer will speak out asking for you to take action. Then when you make a move, place your ante, or an aa bonus bet, you will hear a special sound effect. There is no autoplay option here, but when you want to find information about the game or the payouts, you can click the question mark button at the bottom of the play screen.


All in all, we’d have to say that you get a classic poker game but with a slight twist. You get to play three hands rather than one. You will hear great jazz music as you try to get a better poker hand. Keep in mind that gambling is adult entertainment only and you need to be over 18 to play.