Casino Games

Casino Games

Live casino games are the current hit in the world of gambling. They are an exciting way of engaging in the thrilling game of chances without having to leave the comfort of one’s living room. Well, you could actually leave home but you can play from wherever you like.

The adaptation of most live casino gaming websites to operate on mobile devices makes the prospect even more exciting. It means players can now enjoy casino games and make money on the go.
The games involve everything that goes on in a physical casino- from spinning to dealing of cards- seen in real-time on the player’s screen.

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Blackjack Online

Twenty-one continues to extend its dominance as the world’s most popular casino banking challenge with an equally thrilling online version. Live blackjack online sees players dealt two cards each and play against the dealer. Players take turns to play at the ‘online table,’ always against the dealer but never against each other.

A win is achieved by gaining a sum of 21 on the player’s two cards, a high score under 21 or having the dealer draw over 21. An ace is an advantageous card in that its value (11) falls to 1 to prevent it from ‘busting.’ An ace forms a ‘soft’ hand; all other hands are ‘hard.’

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Roulette Online

Live Roulette is among casino games that have quickly become popular online. Players get to enjoy the same experience of watching wheels getting spun, balls getting flicked and the adrenaline rush of placing bets for the thrill or to chase a quick buck. Most live scenes offer the option of chatting with the dealer.

Most casinos offering live online roulette allow their clients to play their preferred type of roulette- American, French or European- although some of them may not offer all options in their physical gambling houses. It is very much a game of chance, but those who feel they have mastered gambling strategies could still apply them.

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Poker Online

Live poker online is an exciting way to compete with the house and players from other regions. Poker is a game of skill and strategy and it is always nice to play against the best. The live aspect brought by gaming houses makes it more enjoyable than playing against machines.

Even in jurisdictions where poker is heavily regulated in physical casinos, regulations for live poker online are pretty lax. It is helpful that no law enforcers are likely to go after players enjoying live poker online from the comfort of their living rooms. Chatting with dealers and other players makes the game even more life-like.

Baccarat Online

Baccarat has also taken prominence in the era of live-dealer popularity. Gambling houses offer deals for a variety of baccarat formats, but the punto banco still remains most popular. There are single-player and multi-seat baccarat tables available, depending on the specific gaming house. Punters stake player, banker or tie like in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Before staking money in live baccarat online, it is important to have a basic understanding of the game. This is available in physical casinos or online forums. Some casinos offer free practice games online, but these are usually not dealt live. The basic rule is that the winner is the hand with a sum closest to 9.

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