Cashback Bonus

Casino Cashback

In online casinos, cashback rewards are often used to retain players. These rewards can come in the form of real cash, bonus funds, or even free spins, but the basic principle remains the same. These rewards are beneficial to the user, but don’t lead the user to withdraw their money in order to take advantage.

Casino Cashback Bonus Explained

As opposed to traditional winnings and offers, casino cashback rewards aren’t strictly used to reward players for joining and being successful in their online gambling. They are also often used to provide motivation to players that might be having a bit of bad luck. By giving those players a little nudge, casinos can keep them interested even when things aren’t going their way.

In general, these rewards provide you with a smaller amount than you lost, but still enough that you can appreciate the unexpected gain. A casino might provide you with 5% cashback for any losses that you suffered in a given week, so even if you lost a sizable amount, you might still get enough back for a drink or meal.

Cashback with Real Money

Using real money isn’t quite as common as the following options, but it does still get used, especially when it comes to cashback offers based on a percentage of your winnings or losses. The process is fairly simple, with the casino simply putting the specified amount of money into your account, which can then either be withdrawn or used to gamble further. In the case of consolation rewards in particular, there’s a certain expectation that this reward will be used in an attempt to regain the rest of your lost money.

Cashback with Bonus Funds

Much more common than giving you real money with no strings attached is to give you a special type of funding that you cannot withdraw immediately. This can take the form of virtual currency or real currency that has either significant penalties for withdrawal or rules preventing you from withdrawing early at all.

In many cases, this takes the form of an introductory offer matching your early spending at the casino, giving you an amount of additional currency proportional to how much real money you spend.

How It Works

Cashback is available for players that:

  • Deposit a certain amount of money
  • Play certain games
  • Explicitly opt into the cashback scheme
  • Don’t take advantage of normal deposit bonuses

Cashback with Free Spins

Beyond giving you actual money, casinos may also reward you with free plays of certain games. These simultaneously allow you the opportunity to play without any cost to yourself, provide the tempting possibility of winning without any real investment on your part, and keep you coming back to the casino.

Advantages of Cashback vs Standard Casino Bonuses

With other casino bonuses, there can be a lot of different terms and conditions that might not become entirely clear until you play and find out that you’re either not getting nearly as much as you expected or there are a ton of strings attached to how and when you can withdraw the money.

With cashback, the rules are often much simpler, with you meeting a specific requirement and the casino rewarding you for it. You spend a certain amount of money, you get a certain percentage back, simple as that.

Disadvantages of Cashback vs Standard Casino Bonuses

The main problem with cashback rewards is that they can be extremely small. You might not even get a single percentage of your spendings in cashback. Furthermore, while something like “100 Free Spins If You Sign Up Today!” can sound like a great deal, but if the odds of winning on any given spin are sufficiently low (and they almost always are), then the real value is a lot lower than you might be hoping for.

To contrast, standard casino bonuses can be pretty hefty if you figure out how they work.

Standard Terms and Conditions for Casino Cashback Offers

Though terms and conditions can vary pretty dramatically, there are a couple key points that frequently pop up.

  • Promo codes are often included as an additional requirement for getting your cashback. There’s no additional cost involved on the user’s end, but plenty of people forget or are unwilling to go to the effort, allowing the casino to keep their money.
  • Abuse of the system can lead to users being banned.
  • Players have to be 18 or older, but this requirement can vary quite a bit based on the country.
  • Maximum cashback limits are often imposed on a per-player basis, preventing anyone from figuring out and using any sort of exploit to get a huge amount of money from the casino.
  • Multiple cashback offers can’t be used at the same time, so you will only get to take advantage of one reward at a time.


Firstly, look into promo codes and see if there are any introductory offers you can utilize. If there are multiple available, you may need to do some math and determine which is best, since you likely won’t be able to take advantage of more than one.

Secondly, do detailed research into all the offers that each casino has. Introductory offers can be tempting, but they won’t last forever. After those run out, you’ll be using the regular cashback offers, so you may need to weigh the initial advantages of a great introductory offer against the smaller, but more lasting advantages of good baseline offers.

Thirdly, make sure you have the right mindset going forward. If your goal is to make money using the cashback method, then you need to stop and reevaluate your priorities. You aren’t going to make serious money with cashback, it’s just there to provide you with a little extra.

Cashback Bonus FAQ

How does one get cashback exactly?

Whether it’s a flat amount or percentage, the reward is generally placed directly into your account.

Is cashback automatic?

Both Yes and No, in most cases you will need to take specific actions in order to get that money. But the casinos we list as Cash back casinos, it’s automatically credited to your account. In some cases, You will need to manually withdraw it and you may even need to enter a special promo code.

Is cashback better than normal bonuses?

It depends on the site, the offers, and your priorities. If you’re only gambling a little bit and then calling it quits, a great introductory cashback offer can reward you to its full extent and then run out around the same time your interest in gambling runs out.

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