Live Casino Bonus in the UK

The wide world of online casinos includes hundreds, even thousands, of online casinos competing for your business. With an industry that is as saturated as the online casino world, it is not just important but imperative that these institutions differentiate themselves from their competitors in order to catch your eye.
This is where bonuses often come into play-quite literally. Bonuses are used to attract new players and retain the existing ones. They are most common for online slots and are offered to draw players towards certain games, not just the casino itself. These bonuses vary in size and type.
Top Live Casino Bonuses in the UK

Insta Casino Live Online

♠ Est. 2014

Evolutions Gaming

♣ Tournaments

T & C Applies

Sloty Live Casino

♣ From 2017

VIP Games

♣ £100 Bonus

T & C Applies

Dunder Live Casino♠ Est. 2017

 Evolution Gaming

♣ Smoot on Mobile

T & C Apply

Genesis Live Casino

♠ Est. 2018

VIP Games

♣ £100 Bonus

T & C Applies

CasinoJoy Live Dealer

♣ From 2018

New Casino

♣ £100 Bonus

T & C Applies

MrPLay Live Casino

♠ Est. 2017


♣ £200 Bonus

T & C Applies

Benefits of a Deposit Bonus

A Deposit bonus is one of the most common bonuses that exist for new slot game players. The deposit bonus is relatively straightforward. The game or the casino itself will match your first deposit, earning you extra playing credit and chances to win.
Some games, casinos, or both, match your first two or even three deposits on a certain game. The biggest benefits of these types of bonuses include an increased chance of winning as well as the opportunity to try the game(s) before you commit your money by way of making deposits.

The benefit of No Deposit Bonus

Some bonuses don't need a deposit at all. These bonuses are great because they offer players a ‘try before you buy' option. There are different types of no-deposit bonuses, including free spins, extra lives, etc. The specific no-deposit bonus type depends on the game and the host casino.
Free spins, for example, are a great no-deposit bonus as they increase your chances of winning without requiring any further financial commitment. No-deposit bonuses are common and beneficial for not only enticing new players but also allowing businesses to reward the loyalty and retain the faithful existing customers and players.
Live Casino Bonus UK

What is Bonus Wagering Requirement

Like anything else in life, bonuses are not entirely ‘free.' Though they are free in the sense they do not cost you actual currency, there are often fine print requirements associated with the bonus that must be met in order to get the full benefits or access the bonus.
These are often referred to as ‘Bonus wagering requirements. ‘They vary depending on the game and the casino. It is important to read these requirements before placing a bet or making a deposit to fully understand what you are doing and what is required of you including, for example, minimum bet required.

Are you Better off Bonus Free?

Some bonuses come with so many requirements, specifications or expectations that, at the end of the day, you may be better off using your hard-earned money without the bonus. For example, if a bonus requires a minimum deposit that is outside your reach, it may be better to opt out.
These bonuses are prevalent at land-based and online casinos. Online casinos allow new and returning users the opportunity to read these rules, whereas, in person, you may be better off asking the right questions to be as informed as you can about how and where you are spending your money.
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