Counting Cards in Blackjack-myth or reality?

What is Blackjack

Twenty- One is the popular casino gambling game that is also known as Blackjack. There are two other live casino games that are to Blackjack and they are called Pontoon and Vingt-et-Un. This game is considered to be a game of comparing cards and it can be played between one or more players who are trying to beat the dealer. The game is played on a global level in many different live casinos and it is played with one or more card decks of 52. There are currently three different ways to win at Blackjack. The first way to win is if the first two cards you get total 21 and this is called a blackjack but the dealer can not have blackjack as well. The second way to win is if you have a higher score at the end of the game that is more than the dealer without exceeding 21. The third way to win is it the dealer draws additional cards and his or her hand is over 21.


Card Counting Defined

Card counting is not illegal and it’s something that is most comedies tried in the game of live blackjack. Even though it is not illegal most live Blackjack casinos that are online and land-based casinos do not like four players to attempt this so they can get an edge on the game. If an individual can you use this technique successfully they can actually obtain substantial winnings. Remember the keyword is if an individual can use the technique successfully. How card counting works is that the player attempts to keep a mental record of the value of the cards that are coming out of the dealing shoe. Doing this helps the player to established when two raise his or her bet because they have the potential of knowing that the next card dealt will give them a higher chance of winning.

Can Cards Be Counted On A Live Blackjack Dealer At An Online Casino

Experts believe that it is currently very difficult to count cards against a live blackjack dealer and the thought is that this will not be successful. The first reason is that live the casinos expect for individuals to try to count the cards on a live blackjack dealer so they have already implemented strategies that will combat this. The first thing that they have done is implemented playing with 8 decks of 52 cards and they regularly change the shoe deck usually after 4 decks have been dealt. Some casinos use auto shuffling so that the deck of cards that are in the shoe can remain fresh before every hand is dealt. Also burning the cards at the beginning of the shoe that is going to be dealt with or before each new game. This has become a common practice when it comes to playing blackjack against a live blackjack dealer. All of these strategies that have been implemented when playing blackjack against a live blackjack dealer has made counting cards very difficult if not impossible.