Evolution Gaming: The Launch of Free Bet Blackjack and 2 Hand Casino Hold’em

The biggest provider of Live Casino games is popularly known as Evolution Gaming. They have recently announced the launch of their notable and new live games specifically 2 Hand Casino Hold’em and Free Bet Blackjack table games. They have a large-scale line-up of Poker tables and Live Blackjack. Evolution Gaming and their live games are as real as it gets. They constantly offer players something advanced where they engage in an online live gaming world that gives them the utmost experience like they are playing in an authentic casino. They have a diverse and wide array selection of quality and world-class games and online live tables that are only available on their platform.

Evolution - Free Bet Blackjack

Players across the world trust Evolution Gaming because of their ability to provide the widest selection of live games along with their betting opportunities, live interaction, and rich features. It is an excellent platform for every player type no matter what level they are in.

Unique Offers and Opportunities for Players

Free Bet Blackjack is the latest and upcoming game in their family of Live Blackjack games. The game provides limitless seats for its players at one table and at the same time, it adds automatic Free Bets on determined Split bets and Double Down just like how Infinite Blackjack is played wherein a single hand is dealt with each and every player. Free Bet Blackjack is possible because of its upgraded software that integrates the live dealing of virtual and physical cards in a direct manner to every player regardless of the number of players that are present at the table at any given time.

After the first two cards have been dealt, each player will be able to play their hand just how they want it and create their own strategic decisions for betting. Additionally, there are free Double Down bets on two-card 9, 10, and 11 totals, as well as Free, Split bets on each and every pair even if the 10s will be automatically given to players if and only if their hand is qualified during the game round. It is also inclusive of four noncompulsory side bets such as the Six Card Charlie rule, Hot 3, Bust It, 21+3, or Any Pair.

On the other hand, the 2 Hand Casino Hold’em is one of their newest and unique poker game which was built for an immense and boundless number of players who will play against the house and each player are dealt with two separate hands. Furthermore, it also has the ability to give the players the option of AA Bonus bet or they can play a single hand or two hands. The newest version of the 2 Hand Casino Hold’em has more game rounds for each and every player to take delight in. According to Evolution Gaming, it can be clearly seen in their game statistics that the two-hand game that is fast-paced results in more than half of the games in a regular gaming session in comparison to their standard Live Casino Hold’em game.

Evolution Gaming is the world’s most remarkable Live Casino game portfolio. It consists of multi-camera live blackjack, baccarat, roulette, live three card poker, live casino hold’em and a lot more to choose from. Millions of players all over the world recommend it because of their outstanding features such as real-time game statistics, live interaction, direct game launch, side bets, and multi-game play. Their games have distinguished professional offers with attentive and well-trained dealers. Players can enjoy its friendly interface that is wonderfully created to fit every screen size and device OS. They can play their high-quality live dealer gaming through their phone, tablet, or computer desktop.