Best Facts About Cards You Probably Didn’t Know

The casino world is a beautiful and diverse palace where you can literally find yourself.

Whether it’s by the group of people that you can be friends with, the money that you can earn, or the pure fun that the casino games are, there is something for everyone.

The games can be played with poker chips, they can be presented as machines, and the most important and popular of them all, they can be played with a deck of playing cards.

Everyone knows how do the playing cards look like, and that they are such a fun way to spend your time.

They are fun, easy to manage, and can even bring you tons of money; only if you know how to handle them.

Here are the best facts on the internet about the playing cards that will surprise you for sure!

Why Are There 52 Cards in One Deck?

I’m sure that this question crossed through many people’s heads, but they never really had an answer about it.

As we all know, the classic deck has 52 cards.

But in the past, there were many kinds of decks with 30, 40 cards only.

deck of cards on a table

The French deck, on the other hand, had 52.

And so it was the easiest kind of deck and it began spreading all over the world because people liked it the most out of all the other kinds. 

The Expiration Date of the Card Decks in the Casinos

The cards in the casinos are shuffled, thrown, touched, and bent all the time, by all kinds of people.

Maybe this comes as a surprise for you, but the casino decks have an expiration date and it can last up to 12 hours.

But, if it’s a busy night for the casino, the deck can last as much as one hour before being thrown away.

The Most Expensive Deck of Cards in the World

The most expensive and the rarest deck in the world does exist. And its the 15th century 52 deck from the Netherlands.

In the 70s, this deck was sold for $2.800 (2.205 pounds) on an auction in NYC.

The Reason for the Four Card Suits

In the past, the Chinese decks had 4 suits that were very similar to what we are familiar with today.

Even though this was a long time ago, it got through the many variations of the paling cards through history and got to weather it is now.

The classic french deck had the suits that we know today and so it kind of stayed.

Everyone loved the french deck and no one minded it so it stayed for good. 

two joker cards

What Is the Best Material for Playing Cards?

There are many materials that can create playing cards but the most popular is plastic.

It’s cheap and it’s easy to manage as well.

And that’s how its the best alternative out of all of them.

And as far as the casinos are concerned, you can really cheat the system with plastic cards because they are very difficult to mark. 

These are some very useful pieces of information based on playing cards and their history and facts.

The more you know, the better, am I right?