Is Playing Poker a Sin?

Poker is the game that everyone loves at the casino room.

Whether you have played it or just like to watch others do so, you can’t deny that its one hell of a ride.

People scream at it, calmly accept their victory, or just like to brush it off with a smile.

All of this depends on what kind of person are you.

a hand holding poker chips and cards on a green casino table

This is proof that you can meet all sorts of people in the casino room.

From believers who pray to god for their next round, superstition believers, even atheists.

They all want the same thing; to win and take their money.

Some people would go at extreme measures just to win the round and become rich; they can even go from atheists to being the biggest believers in the room.

But, this brings us the question; is it wrong to play poker?

Does God forbid it, and it’s all devil business?

Is It Wrong to Gamble?

Have you ever seen God? Met him?

Nope, me neither.

That’s why we will never get the answer to our question here.

The poker is a game that is as old as time and the whole world knows about it.

Whether they practice it on a daily basis or just like to sit back and look at people who are losing or winning the live casino game at the poker table, they are certainly enjoying it.

But from a different point of view.

It’s not a secret; if you’re not cautious enough, you really can get lost and drown in this world.

But, the ket to making poker feel right is to gain self-control.

Many people through the centuries thought that the poker was unholy and that it’s not right to play this.

But, what did these people think of when they were saying this, and meant it?

Many people got addicted to poker, and they sold their last dime for even a moment of playing this game.

And any casino game, in particular.

That’s why many people think that playing this game is a sin; they claim that even God Almighty agrees with them. 

men playing poker

What Should You Do About It?

Are they right? Who knows. We will probably never know whether it’s okay to play this game or not.

But what we know is that you should definitely enjoy yourself.

Don’t let other people rule your life and make you think that what you’re doing is wrong.

Many people have gone through the poker phase of their life and they say that they don’t regret even a moment of it.

Others say that if they could turn back the time, that they would and they wouldn’t start with this game.

It’s all a matter of preference. What you like and what you don’t.

So, you need to make a choice.

But, whatever you do, make sure that it makes you happy because that’s what matters the most.