Online Casinos Provide Honest And Fair Live Dealers And Live Games

The new live dealer table games available in online casinos have become incredibly popular. They are convenient, and the players can enjoy the games in the comfort of their homes. Live dealer games also offer more realism and involve the human factor. Some players have started wondering if the games are rigged or fair. The live casino dealers are licensed and qualified human beings just like the brick and mortar casinos offer. These dealers are required to have a gaming permit. The dealers may be beautiful young women, but they also follow the rules to ensure the games are smooth and fair.


Cameras track all live casino games such as roulette and blackjack. Every single table is covered by a camera to constantly monitor every card deal and shuffle. The same is true for the roulette spins. The video is running the entire time the wheel is spinning. This includes everything from when the ball is first released to when it stops in a well. Live casino games are enjoyed by thousands of players every day. Any unusual movements would be noticed by these players immediately. This is especially true for players using software or betting systems as well as those who pay very close attention. The players can see the shuffling of the cards and how many decks are being used. No casino would risk showing these actions to the players if they intended to remove a couple cards from the game play.

Online casinos make a profit through an edge over their customers. The players are aware the house has an edge. This means there is no logical reason for the casino to rig any of the games to make a profit. If a casino makes the decision to cheat, they will be caught. This will cost them more than they could ever win by cheating. The casino would lose the trust of their customers and millions of pounds. It is doubtful the casino would be able to remain in business.

The environment of live casinos are transparent and highly regulated. Anyone who grasps the laws of probability and comprehends statistics knows online casinos are honest by nature. The players and the public can see the statistics including the way the payout percentages are calculated. The software used by the game providers is almost always tested by a third party for fairness. This effectively eliminates any suspicion because it is not possible for the testing to be biased. All the required licenses and certificates are obtained in a manner satisfactory to the casino regulations. This is incredibly important because it reveals the open policy of the casino regarding inspection.

Live dealers and games are provided for pleasure and enjoyment. No casino will risk paranoia because it can destroy the magic. Online casinos encourage players to do research, be prudent and responsible. When a player experiences a losing streak, they should make certain they have obtained information regarding the provider and the game prior to jumping to unfounded conclusions such as the game was tampered with or the session was unfair.

There is absolutely no reason for an online casino to use a live dealer to cheat. They have proven they are willing to cooperate with the gaming community and existing regulations through their cooperation with Technical Systems Testing (TST) and compliance testing for software providers such as IGT, NetEnt,Microgaming and Playtech. The best possible player will appreciate the general service, be flattered by the seriousness of the providers regarding bets and not use individual sessions as their base impression. No online casino will sell out their players to make some fast cash.

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