The History of Baccarat Games

When Baccarat was created and who created it

The casino game known as Baccarat came into existence almost 500 years ago in ancient Italy and was then known as a card game for only the wealthy members of society. It was created in the 1400s by Felix Falguiere, an Italian nobleman and he originally named the game Baccara which means zero. He called it this because the cards with tens and the face cards were all worth zero points. The game was later adopted by the French who began calling it Baccarat which it has become known as around the world.

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How it differs now to when it was first created

When it was first created roughly 500 years ago, Baccarat was slightly different than it is today. The cards were dealt out by four dealers at one time and each person who played the game had a turn to be the banker. The players were also able to bet against one another and could also place bets against the house. In today’s version of the game, there is only a single dealer and players can only bet against the house. Instead of each players getting a turn to be the banker, that role belongs to only the houses as well.

What happened when it spread to England

The game quickly became popular throughout all of Italy and was soon adopted by France. French aristocrats, he nobility, and royalty alike all called the game Chemin de Fer and it was all the rage for several hundred years. It did not take long before it also caught fire and found its way to England. In England, Ian Fleming learned how to play the card game and it was there that he got the inspiration for the world’s best Baccarat player, James Bond.

What the game is like now and how it came to America

The card game was so popular all over European countries that it did not take long to continue spreading like wildfire throughout the world. It slowly started appearing in smaller countries throughout South America and found its way to the Caribbean. It showed up in Cuba where it is still known today as Punto Banco. Baccarat found itself changing in several ways once in Cuba so as to lend itself to the culture; for example, it is here where the players can only play against the house instead of with each other. The casinos here are what was used as the bank instead of the players getting to do the honors every few turns. This version of Baccarat soon became known as American Baccarat.

Towards the end of the 1950s, Fidel Castro’s government began shutting down all of the casinos in Cuba and it was then that famous Cuban, Tommy Renzoni, brought the game to the United States by introducing it at the famous casino, Sands Casino, which is in Las Vegas, The game did not catch on as quickly or as popularly to everyone in Vegas casinos like it did around the rest of the world, so casino owners took another tactic and marketed it as a game that only a select few could be privileged enough to play. They turned it into a game that was only for the exclusive few and created special Baccarat rooms inside casinos that were hidden from the public and included beautiful adornments and lavish seating. Naturally, the exclusiveness of it created more buzz around the game and pushed more people to want the chance to play it.

Baccarat online

Since the game was initially created for the wealthy aristocrats and was marketed towards wealthy people for hundreds of years, that meant that most people saw the game and how it was played, but very few people actually had a chance to play it. That all changed when Baccarat was officially turned into a game that could be played in online casinos in 1990. It was finally accessible to anyone who wanted to play a fun card game. Today, millions of people have access to the game and enjoy playing it online, keeping it in the running for one of the most popular casino games ever created.