The History of Mobile Casino Gambling

Mobile casino gambling has been around for a decade.

During this period, game developers were dedicated to improving the overall gambling experience.

To be more specific, numerous innovations in regards to graphics, control functions, and sound output took place in the last 10 years.

The Development of Mobile Betting

In the beginning, the number of games available on mobile casinos was extremely limited.

Even for the existing games, the software was not as functional as today.

However, mobile casinos were a growing trend.

That’s why numerous gambling institutions started investing in this niche.

Ultimately, the mobile gambling sector attracted a wide audience.

By offering superior gambling features, mobile casinos became more competitive.

Apart from various bonuses, these casinos started offering loyalty points and plans.

With this marketing strategy, numerous casino clients began switching to the mobile version.

poker chips and red dices on a keyboard

As time went by, gambling game developers incorporated more features into these designs.

For example, they added progressive jackpots, themed slots, and the multiplayer mode.

Yet, players weren’t convinced.

They feared for the security and authenticity of mobile casinos.

What if someone was able to manipulate the results behind their backs?

This was a temporary concern that was strongly repelled by the industry.

Today, mobile betting has become more popular than ever.

Players love the convenience of gambling from their devices from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Additionally, more people transfer to the use of their mobiles or tablets for gambling endeavors.

The Earliest Mobile-Based Casino

One of the earliest mobile casinos on the market was developed by Playtech.

It was released in 2005 and adjusted for anyone with a smartphone device.

The platform was compatible with almost every type of game, starting from slots to table games, such as poker or blackjack, and bingo.

Players loved the user-friendly platform and the number of gaming options.

Playtech still provides for easy integration which makes it favorite for players worldwide.

Microgaming also contributed to the development of mobile-based casinos.

What made Microgaming unique was the provision of downloads and Flash game versions for mobile casinos.

a man gambling on his laptop

The company also included a wide variety of game features, such as progressive jackpots.

Another company that advanced the technology behind mobile casinos is CryptoLogic.

To be more exact, their main innovation was regarding the financial systems for payment processions.

Future Expectations

The industry of mobile casinos constantly expands.

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, people tend to use their devices for anything possible. This includes gambling as well.

Mobile casinos are extremely beneficial because people may enjoy a gambling experience from the comfort of their home while traveling, or even at the beach.

Additionally, gamblers may save time.

This innovation is perfect for people from rural areas who don’t have access to land-based casinos.

What’s more, mobile casinos don’t impose any additional charges.

This type of gambling is cheap and functional for people all around the globe.

This high-growth industry is expected to increase its reach in the nearest future.

That’s why most gambling developers dedicate their attention to the mobile version of games. 

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