Why are the Tables in Casinos the Color of Green

The next time you walk into a casino to take your chance at the slots, or a table game, closely observe what you see. Do not look around for a clock to see what time it is. Also, do not look for any windows to see if your children are still waiting outside. And, walk all around to try to find the restrooms. Accept the free drink as the cocktail hostess wants to take your order.


The layout of any casino floor is intentional. Every aspect of every foot in the casino has been created to give the casino a better chance to make money, as much money as possible. After all, their basic purpose is to make money. Therefore, they have everything arranged for specific reasons. This is not to say that they are attempting to manipulate you, the player, it just means they have planned to keep as much of their money, and more, as possible.

You will also note, as you walk through a casino, that most of the tables are completed in the color green. Most of the card tables are green. Maybe you, as a player, thought that’s just the way it was. No, it is the color they have been and the color they will always remain.

The casinos selected green for psychological reasons. It is said that green creates calmness and relaxation. Green also is a color that offers stability. It is a balanced color between the colors of warm and cool. A casino table can be very intimidating. Green is supposed to help a player feel more comfortable when sitting at a table.

It is also said that green is a positive color. It represents the “go” in a traffic signal. It indicates that cars can move forward. When you sit at the table the color green is telling you to “go.” It is telling you it is safe and alright to be at the table gambling your hard-earned money.

In our Western culture green has another meaning – it represents prosperity and wealth. The fact it represents wealth is almost an invitation to go ahead and gamble your money. After all, you will surely leave with much more money than what you originally started with – however, this is not the thinking of the casinos.

Money and financial security are usually connected with the color green. After all, dollar money is green. If you are a businessman you know that financial spreadsheets most often show their profits in the color green.

All of these positive thoughts we have about the color of green is the precise mentality that casinos want us to have when we approach their tables. They want us to know that it is okay to gamble our money. The casinos want us to be full of optimism that we will win at their table games and go home a wealthier person.

There is another possible reason why the casino tables are green. The baize material used on the table was first used to cover snooker tables. This was because the texture slowed the balls enough to aid the tactical side of the snooker game while allowing for a smooth flow. The material was dyed green in order to make it look like a grass lawn. Later the material was used for other card games including poker tables. This is because it allowed the dealer to easily slide the cards to each player.

The next time you enter a casino take a closer look. Try to find a clock, look for windows. Chances are you won’t find either of these. However, you will find green tables inviting you to come to play.