Yggdrasil has revealed their first roulette game – Golden Chip Roulette

Yggdrasil has just revealed their first-ever roulette game Golden Chip Roulette. This new live casino game joins a vast and ever-growing collection of games under content developer Yggdrasil. However, as this game is their first-ever roulette game, it is already standing out from the pack. Coupled with classic Roulette game elements and stunning features, Golden Chip Roulette is a showstopper.


Elegant Touches

The creative design lab at Yggdrasil pulled out all the stops with Golden Chip Roulette, creating a user experience like never before. Smooth jazz music will fill the players’ ears as they are met with innovative implementations. These include a special pinch to zoom feature and random multipliers. When the inner wheel is generating a random multiplier, higher than the typical roulette, every chip placed as a Straight Bet will turn gold. What is even more? The speed of the spin actually mimics a real-life casino spin. The classy atmosphere of Golden Chip Roulette simulates the real-life action on the casino floor. Reviewers are calling the artwork unlike anything else with a classy simplistic touch.

User Experience

Yggdrasil brings the classiness of European Roulette right to your phone or computer. All other games by Yggdrasil are supported by BOOST. Golden Chip Roulette is no exception. Yggdrasil keeps user experience as a focus. The goal is to keep the game interesting. Golden Chip Roulette has an experience that is incredibly life-like at face value but also has many mechanisms at play internally. BOOST enables the operators to add perks and other tools to help enhance a user’s experience. This may include specific Prize Drops, Tournaments, and various Missions. This helps to keep players interested in the gaming experience.

Reaching New Audiences

Yggdrasil is constantly growing and evolving. The studio is always working on an expansion, specifically its reach to new followers. In order to help further this integration, Yggdrasil made an agreement with Patagonia Entertainment. This deal allowed Yggdrasil to go where they had not been able to reach before. They are now able to enter the certified market of LatAm. This has been monumental for the studio’s growth, helping them to gain massive exposure worldwide.

Yggdrasil was founded in 2013 that has since won numerous awards and pride themselves on constantly evolving and keeping user experience at the forefront. Yggdrasil believes strongly in responsible gaming, providing users with thorough instructions and information beforehand. Yggdrasil has developed as one of the industry’s most respected suppliers and provides top-notch gaming content.