A look into the psychology of online roulette players

There are numerous well-known live casino games from Blackjack to Spades to Poker but no casino game whether physical or online has more notoriety or popularity than Roulette. Anytime gambling or casinos as a whole are mentioned, Roulette is immediately connotative with those terms. When taking an in-depth look into the reasoning for its popularity, one must look into the psychology of online roulette players.

Live Roulette UK

First off, the game is very easy to play. It is a confirmed fact that people are naturally attracted to simplicity. Add in the fact that online roulette is more algorithm based as opposed to the in-person counterpart and it puts the novice player on an even more level ground to the seasoned veteran. Second is the low costs to play, the house edge is not very high making losing not as costly as opposed to other games. This allows longer and more engaging gameplay.

Why is Roulette so popular?

The next factor in Roulette psychology is the thrill of randomization. Since there are few strategies to use in Roulette, it truly embodies the “luck of the draw” mentality constantly mentioned in gambling. As such, it brings out the competitive spirit of online players as they try to not only best those around them but also beat out the house edge. Mix in pride and there’s a major battle on hand! The natural instinct of rivalry in human nature leads to some pretty intense reactions to wins and losses.

Examples of Roulette psychology

Speaking of wins and losses, there are quirks and rituals some players do before spinning despite the randomization in the game that’s a huge part of not only Roulette psychology but gambling culture in general. The saying “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work” was pretty much tailor-made for this as many players have reportedly gone on winning streaks when they conduct their superstitious rituals. Adding onto rituals and quirks are those who only bet on what they perceive as their “lucky numbers”. These numbers could have had a significance since childhood or have been past numbers they have consistently won on. This is an interesting take on Roulette psychology since it defies the idea of the game being at random and that only certain numbers are attached to them personally, bringing in a touch of fatalism.


The continued growth of online casinos will potentially bring in more factors of Roulette psychology that haven’t received in-depth coverage or raise new unprecedented reactions never seen before. It must be considered that Online Casinos are still a new discovery and its potential has not even scratched the surface for what’s yet to come.