All you need to know about Bitcoin as payment method at Live Casinos

Every day in modern society, we are seeing some form of advancement. Whether it’s electronically, financially or technologically, people are always finding more ways to improve efficiency. Financially speaking with the continuing surge of globalization, cryptocurrency has taken the market by storm. Cryptocurrency is a digitally based form of an asset that is backed with cryptography. A simpler definition would be to simply call it digital money. The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was created in 2009 and currently has more than 16.7 million bitcoins in ongoing circulation.


As the years go on and the value of Bitcoin increases, its current stock price is $9,261.54 as of November 2019, its acceptance as an alternate currency is seeing more utilization, especially among online casinos. If one is interested in obtaining Bitcoin, one must start by obtaining a Bitcoin Wallet. There are viable sites to create a Bitcoin Wallet on with a simple search and after doing so, the next step in the process is to purchase Bitcoin through a variety of legal sites. After completing the previous two steps, find an Online Casino that accepts Bitcoin through yet again a simple Google search, then research and explore the site in its entirety as one should always ensure that their money is being used for its intended purpose. Once the appropriate research is conducted and a proper, credible site is found, the fun begins!

Bitcoin is also popular in online transactions as there is no personal information being disclosed, only a unique number given to each wallet, so the risk of privacy invasion from hackers, spyware or any other malicious sites is at a minimum. There’s also the benefit of almost instantaneous transactions that often don’t come with a credit card or check, ramping up the aforementioned desire for efficiency. This allows players in online casinos to engage numerous games and events in a consecutive manner with little to no hassle.

While praised for its sharp growth in value and efficiency, there are a few downsides to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to those who are not careful and do not do their research. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, meaning that there can be high growth and an intense plummet the next. Some people have practically gone into financial ruin due to being careless and ill-informed with the market. This is not to say that one should be discouraged from purchasing, but instead, ensure that they are informed and knowledgeable about every aspect.

Overall, cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin will continue to grow as there are millions of coins that have yet to be mined. To further reiterate its growth into the mainstream market, there are even Bitcoin ATM machines in numerous cities across the UK, allowing users to purchase Bitcoin with the simple swipe of a debit card. Bitcoin is certainly here to stay and its continuous growth is to be further anticipated.

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