A Story of the Biggest Baccarat Winners

A high-rollers game known as Baccarat is a card and high-rollers game that is played at casinos. In order to win this kind of game, the players must have a decent bankroll since it is considered a game for millionaires to billionaires. The people who play this game are not surprised when there are big jackpots that await them. Last 2015, millions of people across the world were able to witness the biggest price tournament so far in Baccarat which will be explained below. Winning at the Baccarat tables requires the right mindset, skill, and strategy. The biggest baccarat winners in the world today have earned huge jackpot prizes and as the game continues to evolve and grow, except that the jackpot prizes will grow in size too.


Truth be told, it is a casino game that has less exposure than poker because it simply does not have the extravagant quality that attracts a lot of people to the poker tables. It has not been romanticized in a way that poker has been. Poker can be popularly seen in a lot of action movies while baccarat is not. On the other hand, poker is more modernized and established in this world because of its popularity in the late 1820s while baccarat was invented in 1764, arrived in casinos back in 1960 and the version is still the same. A man who is well-known in the world of baccarat known as Tommy Renzoni has brought the game into the casinos of Las Vegas in the early 1960s after discovering it in Cuba.

Introducing the World’s Top Baccarat Winners

The first big win in baccarat happened in the Sands Hotel Casino at Las Vegas where the casino lost more than 250,000 US Dollars in a single night from different baccarat games. Tommy Renzoni was able to witness the first win and emphasized that the phrase “the house always wins” certainly did not stand true that night. Afterward, casinos have decided to change the regulations of the game to bring everything back in their favor. They did this because they did not want to lose that much money back in the early 60s.

Billionaire Aiko Kashiwagi was able to win big during his baccarat game back in the 90s. A lot of baccarat players want Kashiwagi at their table since the man would normally gamble around  100,000 US Dollars and 200,000 US Dollars over a few hours. He experienced big losses a number of times, but he won a lot as well. The biggest win of Kashiwagi was 6,000,000 US Dollars two decades ago and he is considered as the world’s most famous baccarat player.

12,000,000 US Dollars tend to be a relevant number for the winners of the game. The most recent win happened in Macau last 2015 and broke records for the largest win ever at baccarat. A man named Lin Haisan was able to win almost 13,000,000 US Dollars or HKD100 million jackpot in the World Series Baccarat Championship in Macau. The WSBC could be the turning point for the game, and baccarat is expected to be as famous as poker a few years from now. People are predicted to flock the tables of the World Series Baccarat Championship as it gets bigger and better.

Last but not least, the biggest baccarat win in history is 55,000,000 US Dollars. The player was described as an Asian who was elusive and a high roller in baccarat. It is a rapidly growing and evolving world that constantly changes, and players of baccarat expect that they will rise and influence more people to play the game as the years go by.


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