Playtech Built A High-Tech Casino in Riga

Riga is the capital and the largest city of Latvia, one of the Baltic States. Riga is home to 600,000 people, and the city is rich in culture and history, and it is frequented by tourists because of its charm. Many people who visit the city of Riga are amazed with the sceneries that they find within the city. The old buildings are still around, and there are many choices of food that one will find in the center of the city.

The most important part of Riga for tourists is the Old City, where most of the historical buildings can be found. The Old City saw a rising number of tourists every year, and one casino company saw its full potential to be developed. One of the buildings in the Old City which is 8,500 square meters in area was developed to become a casino through the efforts from Playtech. The large casino is equipped with many high tech advancements, and the people who have visited it are saying that they are satisfied with the features that can be found in the casino.


The live casino has a lot of cameras installed, and every corner of it is monitored. A lot of the playing stations are also customized, giving the visitors a whole new experience in playing casino. Those who have visited the establishment built by Playtech said that people should really try the online casino because they will have a lot of fun.

One of the most advanced features of the casino is the Mission Control Center. This room is equipped with advanced security features, and it is monitored for 24 hours, seven days a week. All of the happenings inside the casino can be seen inside this room, and the builders of the casino really played a huge part in letting this room built.

The Mission Control Center is also the largest of its kind in the region. People who are visiting this casino should not be scared and feel any fear because the high tech cameras will be able to detect any issues inside the casino and they will be protected at all times. The casino is also expected to secure all of their patrons if an unfortunate event unfolds.

The casino also has great news for those who are dreaming of becoming card dealers because Playtech built a training facility for them. Those who wanted to become a top-class dealer should work inside the casino because they will be trained day and night. Playtech said that everyone interested can join their training and they will provide everything that they need.

Many casino dealers around the world are hoping to work inside the Playtech casino because they will gain a lot of experience from this job. Aside from the training campus built to create more competitive dealers, Playtech also launched the dealer feedback room where details about their dealers are being kept. The dealers are also open to share their comment about the job inside this room.

Playtech also built a research and development center inside this large casino complex, as well as an innovation center. They wanted to become the leader when it comes to casino technology and they believe that it can be achieved if they spend a lot in research and development.

The research team of the casino studios the games and their patrons looking for a pattern about how they play and what games are the most engaging and profitable. Playtech also installed large locker rooms for the patrons. Playtech leads the innovation when it comes to casino gaming and they are dedicated to transforming the industry.