All About The Fibonacci Roulette System

The Fibonacci system is one of the best ways to mitigate risk when playing roulette. While it is an incredibly safe strategy, it can still produce a number of wins when executed properly. It is very similar to other progressive systems of roulette. The key difference is that each bet increase isn’t nearly as steep. To understand the system fully, it is important to become familiar with the Fibonacci sequence.

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What Is The Fibonacci Sequence?

This famous number sequence is seen all throughout nature. It is a pattern in which the next number you get equals the sum of the previous two. It starts at 1 and keeps repeating an infinite number of times. When betting, there is no need to start at 1. It is possible to start at any other Fibonacci number as long as the pattern is followed precisely.

How To Employ The System

It is important to only use the Fibonacci system on even money bets. These bets include Odd/Even, Black/Red, and 1-18/19-36. Each of these bets has a solid 50% chance of producing a win. The Fibonacci numbers determine what a person employing the system bets each round. The next number in the sequence is always used every subsequent round. This continues until the gambler gets a win.

It is worth noting that it requires a win on the first number in order to rake in profits. Pulling a win on the second or third numbers of the sequence will just allow the gambler to break even. The good news is that the system goes deeper than this. When a win is produced on the first bet, the key is to go back to the beginning of the sequence. If a win is produced further in the sequence, going back two numbers are the way to proceed. The goal is to get back to the beginning of the sequence and ultimately turn a profit. When done correctly, the gamble can lose more than they win and still turn a small profit. It is common to only have three wins while losing seven times. Even in this scenario, a small profit is still achieved.

The Disadvantages Of The System

While it may sound amazing to still turn a profit with that win/loss ratio, the Fibonacci system still has flaws. The longer the betting continues, the less likely the sequence is to work. The only thing this system employs is using a number sequence that is arbitrary to the game of roulette. There is no special knowledge that gives the gambler a golden ticket. The house advantage still applies and will eventually catch up to anyone using this system for too long.

Another factor to consider is how hard it can be to bounce back after a string of losses. Since each win is so small, it takes a miracle to break even after a couple of heartbreaking losses. Maximum bet sizes can also stop this system dead in its tracks. Many online casinos have a maximum bet of 100. This caps the Fibonacci sequence off at 89. If the gambler loses on the 89, they are essentially done for.

Final Thoughts

The Fibonacci roulette system is fairly safe and easy to use during smaller sessions. While it doesn’t produce massive wins, it gives anyone a good chance at earning some small gains. Once the system is memorized, it can be employed by anyone looking to play some roulette while mitigating their risk.

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