About the new and fun game 6+ Poker!

There’s a new game of the Live Casino variety for enthusiasts of this category from Bet.Games TV, the software provider. Here’s some information about this game, 6+ Poker.



It’s actually possible to try out the game on the site through a demo. However, in general, this poker game is becoming increasingly popular online. It’s based on the Poker Hold ‘Em game. The game starts out with the standard rules of poker and then from there a few changes have been made. Each draw comes from a 36 deck card, and the lowest card is a six. The best part about the game is the small changes between 6+ and the other more traditional Hold Em games.


Each deck has all numbers lower than 6 taken out. Ace is now a part of whatever straight combination you can make. This means you can add it to a combination like A 6, 7, 8, 9, for example. The flush combination is now more valuable than the full house one. The three of a kind also becomes more valuable than a straight. Although this might seem like a minor change, these changes can actually make an enormous difference when it comes to gameplay. Everything becomes more intense. Plus, the truth is that even small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to how a game of poker plays out. It’s a lot more dynamic for that reason.


There’s also the truth that the live version of this live casino game from Betgames is going to be something different that you can’t experience elsewhere. You get the advantage of playing this unique version of poker right from the comfort of your home, but still with the live flair of a game that’s physically at a casino due to the live nature of the game. So, you get a live host and everything which means that it’s just as interactive as any other game you might play in person.

It’s definitely a completely different experience to be able to play something like 6 poker when you are doing it through the live casino software as opposed to any other way. If you try out the demo on the site you’ll get a sense for what it’s like and what you can expect when you get to play the actual game as well. It’s something that’s completely unique and that you’ll be drawn back to over and over again once you give it a shot for the first time. The familiarity from trying it out one can definitely help with comfortability in general for sure..


Betgames is a software supplier for games like live dealer betting games. The company has been around since 2012 and it’s added a lot to the field since then. The company has its main base in Lithuania, but the games broadcast all over the world include Asia, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere. The company usually offers fixed odds and it has a lot of different games available including for popular lotteries and table games.

The main thing about Betgames is that they almost always have completely unique games that you won’t tend to find anywhere else at all. They stream these games around the clock so that you can literally play them at any time at all. They custom make games specific to the provider and they have the proper licenses for gambling within various jurisdictions. They’ve even won important awards including the SBC 2019 Award for Rising stars in casino innovation.

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