Lightning Baccarat new version a hit from Evolution

A new exciting live casino game Lighting Baccarat is a hit among players. It is a new popular game by Evolution Gaming for playing Casino style gambling. Similar to Lightning Roulette, Lighting Baccarat is a take on an already casino classic. They get lighting and sound effects that excite while playing it. With Art Deco style on its main levels, They’re doing classic casino play for real. Decorated with black and gold art it’s elegant and classy feel is worth the time. It has lightning card multipliers in every round making it a fast and exciting game. There’s the amount of 1-5 lightning cards in every round and has multiplied winnings.


Players have choices of different level heights and can play inexperienced or not. They do betting on Player, Banker, Tie, and side bets. The object is not different from the original version of Baccarat. Players draw cards from a 52 card deck, plus payout multipliers. When they win on a hand and have more than one matching lightning card the wins are multiplied. If a player gets more than three lightning cards it multiplies to that amount. It’s new look is as real as being at the table side of a top Asian casino. The authentic look is so real there’s no other way to get this experience.

Baccarat comes in different variations to play and there fun choices. One of these is Live Speed Baccarat. For added excitement and to speed up betting choices they can do this choice. It is an ultra fast alternative to the first version of Baccarat. The normal Baccarat game lasts for about 48 seconds. While this one is done in a faster speed of 27 seconds. It’s suspense packed and it speeds up the pace making it a faster choice for them. Multi camera Baccarat is a choice that adds a dynamic and cinematic quality. They can choose the number of cameras and shot angles in it. It adds drama and suspense to the game with many angles for viewing.

With this option you get constantly changing views and close ups to choose. It can enable some cutaway shots of other tables for getting a more life like experience. Live Baccarat squeeze gives players an authentic feel, while doing the popular squeeze style playing. They get around 15+ cameras that capture every subtle move of the game. Then the actual squeeze itself is done in a series of captivating close-ups. The dealer reveals cards associated with the lesser total wager. Then squeezes cards out to the hand with the highest total wager. Players take control of the squeeze on control squeeze. With the use of cameras under the table to relay video of card faces.

Evolution games has already had much success with games like Lightning Roulette, and Lightning Dice. Similar to previous titles of this game, it also has high payout RNG multipliers. You will have to still remember the traditional rules of Baccarat. But the game has been given new innovative features to try. Those who have played the original version won’t have a hard time with it. You have a choice for a side, player or banker. The one who wins the round is the one with the value closest to 9. By adding lightning effects and random multipliers you have Lighting Baccarat.

Alternative Languages: English