Sic-Bo Tips for Beginners

Most players have not heard of this live casino game. Congratulations to those who are the few exceptions.

What Is Sic-Bo?

It is a game involving 3 dice. Players who have heard of games like Chuck-a-luck or Grand Hazard might notice a few similarities to the Sic-Bo. That is because it is similar, in many respects.

Other games it is related to, in terms of the dice, are Craps and Roulette.


How Is It Played?

This game is going to be a foreign concept to someone who has not played it before. That is to be expected, which is why this content is being written. Sic-Bo is similar to the game of Roulette, where players have multiple betting options.

The advantage of the game is it works in a beginner’s favor. A beginner can play and learn the game rather quickly. The rules are pretty simple. The other benefit for the beginner is it requires no skills, more or less.

A player makes a bet on the chips they wish to wager on. The dealer rolls the dice. Players win money based on the outcome they predicted. Some wins and some losses.

What Are The Different Bets?

The betting aspect is probably the most challenging aspect of the game. The game takes on a new meaning once players learn how betting works.

1) The high/low bet is when a player bets on all 3 dice. The bet is either a high or low number. Players will win when the dice equals out to the bet they predicted. All three dice have to add up for the player to win or they lose.

2) A double bet is when a player places a bet on a specific number. Both dice have to display the number for the player to win.

3) A triple bet works much the say way, except all 3 dice have to display the number. One example is 555.

What about Odd or Even Bets?

Players have that option too. Two things happen with this bet: One bet is placed on the 3 dice. The second bet is placed on the 1:1 ratio. The player has to bet on whether the outcome will be odd or even.

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