History of Craps – from the very beginning until today

Today, Craps is a staple game in any casino you may walk into, or for that matter, log in to. The simple live casino game has become one of the world’s most popular, with variations of it being played across the globe from Las Vegas to the African coast to the Pacific Islands. It is a game where players bet on the probability of dice to roll a certain way, or in a certain order.


There are many different types of bets offered depending on where you sit down to play. However, no matter where you go, craps is the same basic game decided upon the roll of two dice. Some types of bets you can make are single bets, multi-roll bets, line bets, and so on. There are dozens of different options the player has to choose from, which makes calculating the odds of profitable play very difficult. For this reason, Craps is thought to be one of the most challenging games at the casino.

Today, there are essentially three forms of the game, live casino, street, and online casino. Below is a brief history of how these games have become one of the world’s most popular.


Historians believe that the game of Craps actually originated during the late stages of the Roman Empire. It is thought that soldiers would use various animal parts such as pig knuckles to throw onto their shields and bet on how they would land. There is also evidence that suggests Craps originated from a Middle Eastern dice game called Azzahr, which was brought to the west during the Crusades. The consensus is, however, that the actual origin comes from a mixture of these two sources, which have created what we know as Craps today.


Craps (called Hazard at the time) really found its stride in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in gambling houses across England. It was especially popular among the nobility and became a sort of social club for them. The rules for the game were formalized in the late eighteenth century by Sir Montmort. Its popularity in England diminished but was taken up by other European countries such as France, where it was especially popular.

Into the Modern Day

Both the name of the game and its common rules come from its introduction to America. The French brought the game over to their colony of Arcadia, which is modern-day Nova Scotia in Canada. Their colony of Arcadia was taken by the English, which then brought the game to the thirteen colonies.

The term “craps” was first used to refer to the game because one of its terms was adapted to colonial English. The term “crabs” was used to refer to the lowest roll in the game (modern-day snake eyes). The French referred to the game in Arcadia as “crebs” or “creps”, which became Crabs when it made its way to the colonies.

The game quickly became an integral part of American culture. Its popularity exploded during the 1930s with gambling becoming legalized in Nevada. It was even a popular past time for American soldiers during World War Two.

Today, Craps can be seen in every brick and mortar and online casino, and in the streets and alleyways of cities. It’s simple, yet deep mechanics made it a game where there are thousands of ways to beat it, and even more to lose. Whether you want to play live or online, you will always have a great time rolling the dice with Craps.

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