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Evolution is not just a cultural element, it is the name of the VIP Casino Solutions gamblers have come to expect.

It is one thing to entertain gamblers who are there to have fun and not take everything too seriously. Those are the average gamblers. It is another thing to deal with the high rollers and VIP access members.

The high rollers come to play and play hard. They have money to burn. Those are the gamblers worth millions, sometimes billions. Spending a few hundred thousand in a single night is nothing to the high rollers and VIP access members.

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The idea behind the casino is to play hard and win big. They are compensated with plenty of freebies and enough booze and food to put anyone under the table. That is what you get when you fall under the category of a “high roller/VIP member”.

The quality of games is also a little more upscale than just the average slot machine with fruits. There is a quality a player cannot find anywhere else.

The above scenarios happen the same for those in a physical casino and for those who play online, except for the food and drink.

At VIP Solutions, they are always looking for a way to improve the ambiance and games. Some of those improvements have been made recently. Below, players can find an assortment of new games that VIP Solutions have just rolled out.

1) Salon Prive

This is not an ordinary salon. This is one game that offers some of the more high-end VIP treatment compared to other online casino platforms. Salon Prive was made for the most discerning of players. What makes this live casino game special is that players have a room manager. Only the most upscale VIP gaming rooms have something like that.

The game includes up to five private tables and one VIP roulette wheel. Each table has a minimum bet that players have to work with. Word of advice: only those with a lot of money can play here. Salon Prive is one of the more exclusive clubs in town.

2)VIP Roulette Live

Almost every online casino has a live roulette wheel and table. Do they have VIP access only option though? This game is VIP only. Players can choose from a variety of French and European options.

This game includes red tables and a high-level minimum betting limit. Players who come here need to have money in the bank. They do not want someone with a few hundred pounds. The low-end players come to play with at least a few hundred-thousand, sometimes a few million.

3)Diamond Blackjack VIP Live

Players will find the betting limits and fun are very high-end. Some players have argued that Diamond Blackjack offers the most high-end fun of any other game they have tried. Everything is included with this game option, including Pre-Decision and Perfect Pairs.

4)Grand VIP BlackJack Live

The color themes involve red and gold, which is very reminiscent of the holiday season theme. The game offers the same things that Diamond VIP does except for the betting limit. Players can bet lower for this one. This option is great for players who have a little less money to work with, but can still claim high-roller and VIP status.

Grand VIP still offers the same fun as the other options. The games come with professional online dealers and tables.

To find out more about these 4 games and other new options visit the VIP Solutions site today.

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