New Aged Gambling – Quantum Blackjack and Live Slots

Gambling is one of the world’s most exhilarating and exciting things people can do. From playing the slots to hitting the blackjack table there are games for everyone of all legal ages to enjoy. A new phenomenon that has people even more excited is the ability to gamble online. Not everyone enjoys traveling to the casino, getting dressed, going outside and having to play in front of people. Online gambling allows you to sit on your couch on your phone or computer and gamble in sweats and a t-shirt at the comfort of your own home.


One of the biggest online gambling companies is Playtech. Playtech was founded in 1999 in London and is premium listed on the London stock exchange. They are the leaders in technological gambling and stock trading. Recently, Playtech has announced that they are launching two industry-first live casino variants, which are live slots and quantum blackjack.

The live slot variant will start with the popular game Buffalo Blitz. This live version of slots will allow multiple players to play together live online and feature community spins and allow players to play single games at once together. There will be a host in a live studio commenting on the games being played to give it a game show like feel for the players. Players will choose their limits, spins, bets, and the game will continually spin every few seconds. This variant of live slots will also support free spins, which will be the first game live to ever accept free spins.

The Quantum Blackjack game will be the industry’s first-ever multiplier-based blackjack game. There is an extra card drawn after the betting time. A player could get an x3, x5, or x10 multiplier and if that player gets one of the cards and beats the dealer, they will win that much more than what they bet. This game will also be live and give the players a game show like experience.

Playtech has taken the gambling game to another level in 2019. There is a high demand for people to live streaming gambling over social media. With other niches like video gaming streaming exploding in 2018 and into 2019, people enjoy watching live events on their phones or computers. Playtech realized this demand and has taken advantage of it. Playtech had already launch quantum roulette and because of the success that it had, they decided to add to it and create the live slot and blackjack variant to the games as well.

With all this success it’s not hard to see why Playtech is the leader in this industry. They already have over 20 different variant games and are looking to expand even more with all this momentum into 2020. So, if you want to try and enjoy watching gambling or even take a shot at online gambling, you can go through Playtech. Both live slots and Quantum Blackjack are now available to play across Playtech’s live casino network as of now.

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