Evolution Gaming and their Live Casino Studios

Evolution gaming has helped to bring online casino gaming to the next level. They have made it possible for people to feel like they are at an actual casino without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. Evolution gaming has live streaming casino experiences from their studio in Canada, Latvia, and Malta. Evolution gaming is not a direct to player service; they sell their streaming service to online casinos for player use. They are the most popular streaming live casino service to date.

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The Canadian live casino studio is the newest addition. The live studio is located in Vancouver, and they currently serve the BCLC or the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The studio is looking to further expand to other gambling entities in Canada as well.

This live studio offers line Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack right now. The studio has single and shared tables for people to play at. Right now the studio only streams to the BCLC website. This studio is Evolution’s first foray outside of Europe.


The studio in Riga, Latvia is the largest out of the three; it is also larger than any of its competitors in the area. There are more tables and game choices for casinos and players than other competitors as well. The studio is ISO 27001:2013 compliant and Evolution offers their streaming service to online casinos in an a la carte manner.

The size of the studio allows evolution to charge low prices for each type of gaming table than other B2B streaming services. Online casinos have the opportunity to use generic tables and dealers, or they can essentially hire their own dealers and tables to showcase their brand. That means that an online casino can have their own dealer team and group of tables 24/7 through Evolution Gaming services if they so desire.

Evolution also provides its streaming service with security services. They have what is called a Mission Control Room (MCR), which is similar to a Pitt at a casino. The MCR keeps an eye out on players and dealers for any type of fraud; they watch for questionable player behavior and provide resolution after intervention for any of their services.


Evolution’s live casino in Malta is set up very similarly to the live casino in Lativa. The Malta studio is also very large, and they offer 24/7 service in an a la carte manner to online casinos. The Malta studio does, however, provide a more extensive selection of Roulette than either of the other two live streaming casinos. Another difference in the Malta live casino are the native speakers. Having dealers that are native speakers will help online casinos to reach their audiences better. The Malta studio also offers MCR services as well.

Evolution Gaming is working hard to enhance the experience of online casino players. They are working hard to give players the most realistic gaming experience possible without having to physically go to a casino. The best parts being that online casinos can further brand themselves using this service and the MCR services help to keep the games fun for everyone.

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