Get To Know The Top 5 Speedy Live Casino Games!

What does casino gaming have in common with other forms of entertainment? In every space from sports, racing, and many other forms of live entertainment, there’s always bound to be a lull. Baseball has long innings, races get repetitive, Broadway shows have intermissions. Casino gaming is no different. No matter how long you’ve been playing, maybe you consider yourself a seasoned veteran of the roulette wheel, you’re still bound to hit a wall of fatigue and or burn out. That’s where speedy live casino gaming and Evolution gaming comes into play!


The main differences between regular casino games and speedy live casino games are the crazy fun atmosphere and the speed. With speedy live casino gaming, you’re getting the real-time feel of being in a casino but as if it were on a game show speed up, which makes the experience a whole lot more fun while reducing the fatiguing elements of just sitting at a slot machine for hours.


There are plenty of benefits to playing speedy live casino and Evolution gaming aside from just how fun and fast pace the games can get! Overall the games are just more intense. There’s a real adrenaline-pumping element that comes into play to the point where it almost feels as though you’re staring in your own casino action movie!

Now we’re going to introduce you to the type of games you can get to play in this fast-paced genre. This way you become not only knowledgeable on what action you’re about to get yourself into but also excited to play.



The first game we’re going to talk about here is called Lightning Dice. With a live chat and mobile capability, Lightning Dice is centered three dice and a whole lot of chance. The dice get released by the lightning tower, your role is to guess the total of the dice. The catch here is that one dice will be struck by lightning at random and the payout will be multiplied. If this sounds exciting, just try doing all this in under 18 seconds!


The next game on the list is called Infinite BlackJack. To sum it up, it’s like blackjack but with unlimited players. Unlike tradition dealing, the players will be dealt their cards through one slot on the table, getting scanned and then appearing before the player. Just like Lightning Dice, you’ll have 18 seconds to place your bets!


Next up we have a game called speed roulette. And this game you get tables with a European layout which means you can place bets on both versions of the table. This makes your betting time use more convenient. With this version of the game you’re also able to use specific areas to cover multiple numbers and have the ability to use an autoplay feature to literally maximize your time playing.


The well known game of Dream Catchers gets a new version next on this list with a really fun and exciting twist! You can multiply your winnings if the wheel stops on the payout. The cool thing here is that the payout rate actually is a 1:1 and 40:1. Some other cool additions here is that you get a Monopoly theme and around Halloween the hosts dress up like spooky characters! You can find this game at 32red and bitstars



Our final game is called Lightning Roulette. This game is pretty similar in rules as Lightning Dice except you guessed it, the difference is the roulette. The payouts here can be increased using the 500x multiplier if you know, you like money. This multiplier involves having lightning strike to decide just how much the payout will be multiplied by.

And there you have, that’s all you need to know about Speedy live casino gaming. Now all you need to do is feel a little lucky and get out there and play!

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