Evolution Gaming is adding Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher

There’s some big news from Evolution Gaming coming up, namely that they are adding some interesting new games including Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher. Here’s some information about this event.


The Live Casino gaming creator, Evolution Gaming, is adding the First Person Lightning Roulette game as well as First Person Dream Catcher. These are a part of the RNG games, which stands for a randomly generated number. They give you the ability to “go live’ and interact with a live dealer.

Previously, Evolution actually won awards for the games like the old Lightning Roulette and the old Dream Catcher Game. They won Game of the Year and Digital Product of the Year awards. However, this time you have the First Person versions of the live casino games which will definitely help to add something new to them.

Lightning Roulette 1st person - Evolution Gaming

First Person Lightning Roulette

For this game, you have a computer-generated roulette table on your screen. It’s been engineered to look as realistic as possible in addition to adding in the lightning effects that help to make the game pop. Each round has it so that one of the numbers is struck by lightning, which adds prize multipliers that go all the way up to 500x. Players will enjoy being able to interact with a wheel that looks so much like the real thing. It is a sight to behold in general.

Dream Catcher

This version is a game that’s known for being fun and easy to play. This is one of the main draws of the game, in general. The game centers on a huge spinning wheel with multiple different segments that are often present at real-life casinos. All a player has to do here is focus their attention on predicting where the wheel will land after it’s spun around and around. There’s also multipliers on the wheel which add an extra layer of spice to the game.

Go Live

Players of these games can play in the first-person mode as much as they want, but they have the ability to hit the “go live” button at any moment in order to suddenly be transported into the live version of the game, leaving the first-person version far behind. The process is handled seamlessly and it’s meant to give players the choice of going back and forth between the two modes as often as they want.

The Live version of the game is often going to offer a lot more opportunity than the other version, although players may sometimes be just in the mood for the first-person version.

Overall, the addition of these versions of the games should make any fan of casino games feel excited about the possibilities. Live games offer a lot of fantastic sights and sounds, as well as the ability to feel the excitement of everything happening in real-time. However, at the same time, it’s good to have full freedom of choice here.

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