How Vivo Gaming Brings Security To Live Dealer Tables

When it comes to online gambling, many players can be worried about security. This is especially true when you consider that a considerable amount of private information can be used when setting up profiles and playing on these sites. Because of that, an increasing amount of online casinos have been offering a significant amount of security for their games.

One of the most notable of these has been Vivo Gaming over the past several years. Since being founded, the casino has always put players at the forefront of everything they do. This has chiefly been driven by Vivo’s aim to be as reliable and trustworthy as possible within the industry. This is also a factor for many of the company’s licensee’s. The majority of this is provided to the company’s clients through a few notable ways.

Vivo Gaming - live studio

Custom Platform

Because of this mission, Vivo has designed and developed a custom platform that has a few different innovative features. While much of this has been to ensure that online live games are as smooth as possible, there are a few other notable aspects to this. The most notable of these for players – aside from making games user-friendly – has been that this Gaming Platform offers a secure way to play a variety of different casino games. Through this, the company can provide state-of-the-art gaming to its players and dealers.

This is something that the company has termed its Online Casino Strip. It’s also been noted that Vivo Gaming has partnered with Casinos and dealer studios across the world. This not only adds the Platform’s overall security but lends a considerable amount of expertise to this oversight. This oversight allows Vivo Gaming to provide immediate intervention and resolution for its licensee’s and their players. This can include the likes of fraud, player behavior and much more.

Perhaps some of the most notable aspects of this are servers that communication and data are sent through. With the nature of live casino, being quick and efficient is essential. As such, Vivo Gaming has developed servers in a number of different locations to ensure that this is possible. This also has the added benefit of ensuring reliability and a minimal amount of downtime, if any. This technology and the related activities are overseen constantly and in real-time by a team of experts. For online casinos and players alike, this provides a significant amount of security and reliability.


This doesn’t mean that Vivo Gaming has focused solely on technology, however. Instead, the online casino has aimed to provide an authentic experience for every player. This is perfectly highlighted with the Live Dealer tables that have been available for several years. Players who are used to traditional casinos will be more than familiar with the variety of offline resources and features that are on offer. The majority of these are available on the company’s Gaming Platform.

Experienced dealers are behind the table for each of the Live Dealer games, but this authenticity and security doesn’t stop there. Pit-Bosses are on-hand constantly to ensure that games run smoothly and that all gaming rules and regulations are adhered to. This also helps add to the authentic feel of the Platform, as players get as close an experience to traditional casinos as possible, without having to leave the house.

Between the state-of-the-art software and extensive oversight that Vivo Gaming offers with its Live Dealer tables, its licensee’s have very little to worry about. As such, instead of focusing on the background, these online casinos can focus on their players and their experience with the company. Throughout this, safety, security, and reliability come built-in to the package.