LeoVegas Live Silent Blackjack Powered By Evolution Gaming

It is all something interesting till an overly excited chatty dealer divides your concentration and may even interrupt the counting of your card! When everything you’d like to do is just concentrate on your game then try to silently create a strategy, don’t think about their normal Blackjack table, and directly go to LeoVegas Casino and the casino’s Silent Blackjack table that Evolution Gaming powers.

The game has the same structure, only a glaring difference – besides greeting the newbie, the dealer will totally remain silent and won’t try engaging you in any idle convo. The comments they’ll only make are directly in relation to the dealt cards and the game, which makes the table totally fantastic for individuals whose main aim is the game.

How To Play This Game

Every rule of the normal Blackjack applies to the Silent table variant, and the session begins anytime the gamer stakes the wager. In a situation whereby you’d like to maximize your adrenaline rush, you can get 2 side bets, and the player can choose Perfect Pairs and 21+3. The cards will be dealt by the dealer in a clockwise direction, and if Ace is their hole card, gamers will be given the chance to place an insurance bet that paid 2:1.

Before the revelation of the card by the dealer. The owners can make use of the Double Down option for increasing the bets, splitting their cards, then playing 2 separate hands, or request extra cards. The Pre-Decision feature will give the gamer the chance to decide on their next move in the game early, and if you’d like to save the bets you love most there can be a significant increase in the number of wagers in a session.

 Even though the entire reason for Silent Blackjack is getting rid of meaningless chit chat, they still have the live chat feature active for gamers who’d like to ask about the game or request the assistance of a dealer pertaining to any matter related to Blackjack.

Top Advantages to Gamers

  • The exclusive design of the table for game-oriented, serious gamers.
  • Options to save favorite bats and Pre-Decision feature for swifter play
  • Game state and account history with the record of previous sessions’ results.
  • Bet Behind option giving new players the chance of placing bets anytime every table seats are taken.
  • Top-notch audio or video settings and the incorporated option of multi-table play.

Wrap Up

Gamers who enjoy the live table’s social element will surely appreciate Silent Blackjack a lot, but only if it’s of relevance to the real game. With this variant, LeoVegas and Evolution Gaming have surely provided what online casino players who’ve got a no-nonsense attitude and strategic tendencies want. The silent table is the place for playing Blackjack – no more and surely no less.

Alternative Languages: English