Mistakes Players Need to Avoid to Win Big on Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of many poker variants enjoyed by a wide gamut of players. It owes this popularity primarily to the fact it is easier to pick up than other forms. Players face the house instead of fellow players which provides a slight correlation to Baccarat, and Caribbean Stud also enjoys a $1 dollar side bet feature that provides a progressive jackpot. However, if one begins backrolling real money in the game they can make costly mistakes. Especially, if they avoid learning the basic rules and strategies associated with play. Here are the biggest mistakes players can make in Caribbean Stud Poker and how to ultimately avoid them.


Mistake 1 – Go Straight to Betting Real Money

Caribbean Stud, like many table games, can be enjoyed for free. There are loads of advantages to playing any online casino game for free. First, players get to understand the basics of the live casino game. They learn the rules and get used to the format. Secondly, players begin to develop a strategy. Poker is a game of risk but the strategy can be used to better the odds. If a player uses free play to build a working strategy they can enter the game for real with a better shot at making money. Thirdly, when a player makes mistakes it will not cost them. If you jump into real betting right away initial mistakes will have real money riding on them. You will also essentially pay to learn the game and exhaust your bankroll developing strategy.

Mistake 2 – Avoid Basic Strategy

A beginner to Caribbean Stud will always play the game for the purpose of playing. They will not think to implement any strategy. Even if you are new to a game there is always a simple strategy to follow. It just takes some mild research. So be sure to learn the fundamental strategy in gameplay so you can have at least a slight advantage. Here are some examples:

Folding a Low Pair

A common mistake a beginner will make is folding too early when they have a pair lower than five. What most players do not know is that a dealer will pull an ace and king only 44% of the time. This evens out the odds with lower pairs, allowing players around a 50% chance to win. As a beginner one can study the exact odds of beating the house with a low hand and implement this strategy to their advantage. Additionally, this is also a strategy players can learn through a few free matches.

Playing with an Ace and Queen

Another common mistake many players make in Caribbean Stud is assuming that an ace/queen combination is more powerful than it is. It is not. The only way an ace/queen combo wins is if the dealer comes up with nothing on their end. A quick study of the game will easily point this pitfall out to new players. This is also a factor that can be easily gleaned through free play.

Mistake 3 – Ignoring the Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is one of Caribbean Poker’s defining features. A simple $1 dollar side-bet will make you eligible to a huge payout. The mistake most make is not looking at the bet as what it really is: a bonus for certain hands. Depending on what a player comes up with that side bet will pay out a nice bonus. Avoiding it and getting a qualifying hand will leave a player kicking themselves for missing out. A royal flush gets the whole pot, a straight flush nabs 10%, $500 for four-of-a-kind, $100 for a full house, and $50 for a flush. A simple buck bet is well worth the chance at any of those payouts.

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