Monopoly Live Receives The EGR Game of the Year Award 2019

Over the past few years, Monopoly Live has achieved a significant amount of success, with the online game show receiving praise for various aspects. During this time, the show has blended augmented reality with several popular games to create a sensation that quite a large number of people have been drawn toward. Created in partnership with the company of the same name, the game has been well-known for capitalizing on Monopoly’s success while continuing to add innovative technology.


Now, Monopoly Live has received one of the more prestigious awards in its industry, having been named the Game of the Year at the EGR Operator Awards 2019. The accolade, which has been given to various games over the past few years, is given to a studio that has produced a significant impact on the industry through a stand-alone title over the past 12 months.

Though based on the game of the same name, Monopoly Live was created with a sublicense from Scientific Games, with Evolution Gaming being the exclusive distributor. Since the agreement was made, the live game show has continued to see an increasing amount of success across the world. Much of this has been seen because of its unique blend of innovative technology and classic gameplay mechanics. As a result, Monopoly Live has been seen as one of the more unique titles to be based on Monopoly in recent decades. Aside from the use of augmented reality, there have been a few other notable ways that this has been seen. One of the most prominent of these has been the use of 3D Bonus rounds, with these being based on many of the mechanics that would typically be seen in the classic game.

A variety of multiplayer wins have also been implemented, which has given players the ability to potentially win big. This isn’t the first year that the online game show has received such an accolade, however, as it was also highlighted in the previous year’s event. Speaking about winning the awards two years in a row, Evolution Gaming’s Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter noted that it was an honor and was something that he never dreamed of accomplishing.

When creating Monopoly live, Haushalter claimed that the team at Evolution Gaming aimed to make something that they would want to play and that the overall community would enjoy. This has been the primary focus for the company since it was founded and has been a philosophy that it has carried throughout each of its titles. As a result, he notes that receiving the EGR Game of the Year award is something that highlights the hard work and dedication that characterizes everybody at Evolution Gaming.

Alongside this, Haushalter notes that the recognition is something that will motivate the team as it heads into 2020 and beyond. During his speech at the EGR Operator Awards 2019 ceremony, he thanked everybody that helped make the game a reality. Haushalter also highlighted how much of a pleasure it was to work with Monopoly, who he adds is one of the most well-beloved brands in the world.

The EGR Operator Awards 2019 ceremony was held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, with there being a variety of high-profile industry names in attendance. To choose the Game of the Year award, companies that were shortlisted for various other Operator Awards had to take an anonymous vote on who they believed should receive it.

This voting process was overseen by Deloitte, which helped ensure that everything was above board. During the process, Monopoly Live received an overwhelming number of votes from other companies in the niche, helping it to win the award by a large margin.