The Craps betting systems that will advance your odds of winning

Online live casinos provide an atmosphere of excitement, fun, music, flashing lights, and of course the opportunity to win. Invigorating, enjoyment guaranteed with every roll of the lucky dice you hold in your hand.

Craps is one of the most exciting and popular casino games to play. It is easy, and not a wonder it has been around for so long. Its popularity has remained not only because online craps have the luckiest hand, but you can win a large sum of cash within minutes. Unlike other games, its simplicity makes it easier to win big in just a few rounds. The game never changes, the rules cannot be changed, and there is ample opportunity to experience the thrilling sound of a big win.


If Craps is your game, and in an online casino it should be, there are several betting systems that can work to your advantage within a few rounds.

So, let’s explore the betting systems that will advance your odds of winning, and get your adrenaline flowing from the sounds of a winner.

Hedge Bets are more than one wager in hopes of winning a small profit or minimizing losses. Some players may hedge their bets by passing on the pass line on the first roll proceeded by betting on any craps with a smaller stake. Hedge Bets can be equated to simply increase your chances of winning with the bigger picture. You always have the opportunity to hedge your bets on other numbers.

For those familiar to frequent Craps players, The Rothstein System is a popular betting option. This is a theory of doubling up bets. Betting 1 unit on the pass line, and if you lose, bet 3 units doubling your bet plus 1 and so on. Sooner or later you will hear the sound of a winner, but take into account with this system you will eventually be up. When you do win, start again from the 1 unit up.

The Watcher System is yet another betting system popular amongst Craps players, also known as The Patience System. Instead of betting the pass line, you’re betting don’t pass. You’ll keep a sharp eye on the game until there have been four successful passes in a row and then you bet on don’t pass because the odds are the dice is sure to lose on the fifth pass. The best thing about this system is that it has a back-up plan for in the event, you may lose. You double your bet on don’t pass. The odds of six successive passes are 63 to 1 and when you win, you win your money back and then some. Watching and patience is an imperative key to this system.

The popularity behind Hot and Cold Betting System is that it says you will win when that dice is cold, or when that dice is hot. When the shooter makes a pass, you bet on the dice to win, continuing to bet this way until the shooter loses and then you switch up to Don’t Pass. This system gives you the opportunity to win lots of money during any streak, hot or cold. Your odds of seeing and hearing the bright lights and sounds of a winner are quite good.

Online live casinos are exciting; however, Craps is most popular for good reason. With so many betting systems to choose from, even if you choose no system at all, it’s entertaining. But most of all it’s a game that could put a bankroll in your pocket with the same atmosphere experience you want from a casino.